The Star Wars Interviews Episode II


Since today is unofficially Star Wars week around here – and let’s be honest, pretty much the entire world wide web – we’re kicking it off with a podcast from one of our sister sites, Where the Long Tail Ends. Jimmy “The Shark” Gillham is conducting a series of interviews on Star Wars fandom. Sort of a “This is Your Life” show revolving around all things Star Wars (the movies, the books, the toys, the make-believe, the video games, the merchandise and everything else in between).

Last week, in Episode I, James interviewed Cinecast co-host Matt Gamble about his life experiences with Star Wars. This week, for Episode II, you can find yours truly talking about my life with Star Wars, which reveals a secret about Empire Strikes Back I’m not sure I’ve ever told anyone about before. If your life isn’t already over-saturated with Star Wars and your brain isn’t in overload, stick this in your ear and have a listen. Both episodes are available at the links below and you can stream my interview with the player below.

Have a listen and feel free to share your experiences and ideas about Star Wars in the comments section below. Thanks for listening and thanks to Matt Gamble for hosting the interview session with his sound equipment. Happy Star Wars week everyone. Cheers!

EPISODE I (Matt Gamble)
EPISODE II (Andrew James)