Trailer: Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq

After the crowd funded, micro-budgeted remake of Ganja & Hess, Spike Lee has harnessed some big-money from Amazon for his latest provaction, Chi-Raq. It features Samuel L. Jackson breaking the fourth wall to tell us about the gun problems in the black community in Chicago, and a group of ladies that withhold sex until their boyfriends or husbands put down their fire-arms. The trailer indicates the film is done in a mix of styles, which evokes, to these eyes, something akin to Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales, and has welcome return to form for Wesley Snipes, who cut is cinematic teeth in early Spike Lee pictures. It also features Angela Bassett giving a superlative Pam Grier style performance, as well as a number of other things.

Chi-Raq opens, amidst a pretty packed calander of films, in early December.

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Kurt Halfyard

This movie is a full stop MASTERPIECE. Go out and see it, ASAP!

Matthew Price