Trailer: Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa

Easily one of the cinematic highlights of the year, Charlie Kaufman & Duke Johnson’s animated drama Anomalisa was one of the big sales at this years Toronto International Film Festival, and for good reason. The first trailer for the film arrives, and the focus is on ‘big question’ profundity, with a hint of intimacy. The humour of the film is not showcased here, but this is likely due to how little nuance and context you can pack into a short trailer. If you, like me, are deeply affected by the dulcet vocal tones of David Thewlis, then this is a small slice of heaven, as is the film.

My review of the film can be found here.

Suffice it to say, when this starts to platform release on December 30th (if you live in the US or Canada), you might want to clear some space in your calendar.

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Animated characters are looking so adorable and film’s cinematography has a realistic touch. I have checked about Anomalisa’s awesome response in the various film festivals. Its trailer also looks promising and it is indicating that the movie has a good screenplay and sense.

Bob Turnbull

Boy, I hate to hype up a movie, but it is so much funnier and sadder than you can reasonably expect from that trailer and the advance reviews. Can’t wait to experience it again.