Cinecast Episode 415 – Get on with the Task

We’ve got a lot to get to this week! Almost too much. First up is Danny Boyle’s version of Steve Jobs. Despite not seeing any other iterations of his story, I think it’s safe to say we’d call this the best one. It’s been/will be a banner year for westerns in 2015 and though there are some minor quibbles with Bone Tomahawk, Andrew and Kurt mostly had fun hanging out with it – one of us more than the other. For October scares, we take a trip into the snowy Haunted House of Ted Geoghegan’s We Are Still Here. Then it is off to Africa (or is it Netflix?) with Cary Fukunaga, where Idris Alba stars in the gorgeous but brutal Beasts of No Nation. For the Watchlist, Andrew does Flyway and Kurt talks David Mamet and Oliver Stone. Whew!

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Steve Jobs spoilers ends @53:52
We Are Still Here spoilers ends @1:07:52
Bone Tomahawk spoilers ends @1:38:47
Beasts of No Nation spoilers ends @2:03:39
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Apple Special Event: Original iPod Unveiling
David O. Russell vs. Lily Tomlin



The Experimenter
Our Brand is Crisis



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If that brief accent switch by Winslet in Jobs is intentional, it’s pretty observant. That’s a common trait by people whose first language is not English. You can adopt an American accent all you want, but your mother tongue will subconsciously creep up in times of duress (or inebriation).

Glad to see I’m not the only one underwhelmed by We Are Still Here. It felt very bipolar in terms of stilted acting and drama but I get the feeling that all the dialog was shot single-take? Barbara Crampton does start to improve in the latter scenes and I still think the 3rd act horror setting was very effective. Probably why it’s getting good reviews from horror fans. If you lookup Ted Geoghan’s writing credits, it’s elevated compared to those.

Just curious, what were the typical audience turnouts for Flyway in the past?


As a child of Newfoundlanders in Toronto, I am highly attuned to people ‘hiding’ their accent only to have it slip out in times of stress. That might explain why I think this was a strategy by Boyle/Winslet in the film.

Matt Gamble

I doubt Flyway tops 2K in attendance. With only about 25 or so screenings (a handful of those are shorts blocks) and few of their venues topping 100 seats, they’d really need to have packed houses all the time to hit that mark.


Having not seen the 4 reviews that was light work

In-house business: 0:42
Steve Jobs [SPOILERS] 6:14
We Are Still Here [SPOILERS] 53:52
Bone Tomahawk [SPOILERS] 1:07:52
Beasts of No Nation [SPOILERS] 1:38:48
The Watch List 2:03:39
Next Week: 2:22:20
End: 2:29:23


Question: are you guys just not reading any listener mails on the show or don’t you get any?


We do not have a regular ‘mail-bag’ segment on the show, but we read all listener email as it comes in…occasionally, things are read on the show, if it strikes Andrew’s fancy.

Andrew James

I’ll read listener emails for sure Jasper… if it’s something interesting to ponder, discuss or have listeners chime in on.

Did you send something to me and I missed it?

Sean Kelly

I saw Steve Jobs this afternoon and while I thought that the format was interesting, I ultimately found the film to be repetitive and even monotonous (and I was getting really bored by the end).

Also, I think the the title of the film is simply due to the fact that it is based on the 2011 biography by Walter Isaacson, which has the same straight-forward title.

BTW, here are the all the other Steve Jobs movies to come out:
Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview – An unabridged interview from the NeXT era, which was released as a documentary in 2012.
iSteve – A feature-length Funny or Die parody from 2013, rushed into production so it can claim the title of the first Steve Jobs biopic (and it isn’t all that good)
Jobs – The 2013 Ashton Kutcher biopic
Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine – The documentary by Alex Gibney, which I saw last summer and actually prefer this instead of the film.


The Gibney doc is the one to watch, and the extended NeXT interview I’d also put above this. I respect the Boyle outing and would give it another shot in the future, but it was more Sorkin than I can deal with, and the intentionally repetitive format and Boyle’s style only highlight his more annoying traits.