Mamo 428: Vageena/Vagina


Hello! Mamo digs into the true meaning of the auteur theory in a consideration of the subjective successes of Guillermo Del Toro, before addressing the Jennifer Lawrence wage gap standoff and its potential ramifications, and the proper pronunciation of the words “dour,” “vagina,” and “Guillermo.”

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Philip Poirot

I am almost totally with Matt Price. I really like his assumption about Del Toro’s Pitch meeting. Also there is a massive blogosphere fanbase that keeps his Credibility viable. He is an extremely charming personality and LOVES to feed scoops to media journalists – that’s how he keeps afloat, I guess. Only if he’d done the Hobbit Trilogy he’s have some real numbers to show to the industry. (* I mean Peter Jackson just slept through the whole thing anyway.)

Rick Vance

I love the comment made about how Del Toro is an intellectual filmmaker who thinks he is an emotional one.

It ties so heavily into his last two works as well, because both Pacific Rim and Crimson Peak I would argue are his two most directly referenced works from other genres of things. The thing about those genres (being Giant Robot Animation, and Gothic Horror) is that they are all emotional and glory and overreaction big emotions and it just doesn’t click like the stuff it is coming from.