Cinecast Episode 414 – Juggling Walls

Please bear with some of the sound issues at the beginning; for that we apologize. Once we get to the main reviews, everything gets smoothed out. With Canadian politics out of the way, we talk a bit about the Star Wars experience as it exists in popular culture at the moment (trailers, marketing, waiting in line for tickets, etc.).

The real show starts when Andrew walks out of Crimson Peak and the boys both feel a bit disappointed by SeƱor Del Toro. Kurt offers context on the Gothic Romance as a genre and the misunderstood nature of its marketing and overall reception. But audience ignorance and expectation still DOES NOT excuse the modern-overkill on display in the film. The Spielberg/Coen Brother cocktail, Bridge of Spies bats slightly higher (mainly due to British stage-actor Mark Rylance, and cinematographer Janusz Kaminski) hitting a ground-rule double in the Cold War Era.

And it being the Halloween season, we’re checking out a new-ish horror film each week his month. Next week will be Ted Geoghegan’s We Are Still Here, so get ready for that. As for this week, we look at the documentary/horror The Nightmare. Pro tip: skip this movie!

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!








Crimson Peak spoilers ends @53:20
Bridge of Spies spoilers ends @1:34:35
See comments for more time track listings – thanks to Ultimolee for the extra elbow grease!



The Nightmare
Next Week: We Are Still Here



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Kurt Halfyard

Oy Vey. Sorry about the microphone failure in the first 5 minutes of the show. The latest version of OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) has some serious USB-microphone issues that need to be fixed toute-suite! Oh my. Not even our old $5 headset days with Yahoo! IM audio sounded this ‘hollow!’


In-house business: 1:09
Crimson Peak [SPOILERS] 18:04
Bridge of Spies [SPOILERS] 54:11
The Nightmare 1:35:22
Next Week: 1:49:24
End: 1:57:01

Sean Kelly

THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE was Guillermo del Toro’s THIRD film, though I guess it’s easy to forget MIMIC, which was a film plagued with much studio interference and is not one that Guillermo del Toro is particularly proud of.


Thanks, it’s not the first time I’ve mussed up the order of Mimic/Backbone

Sean Kelly

I rewatched the Star Wars trailer and Gwendoline Christie does indeed make an appearance. You just probably didn’t realize it.

Christie’s character of Captain Phasma is the lead stormtrooper in the chrome armour, who is presumably one of the central antagonists of the film.

Sean Kelly

While I do know some who weren’t too crazy about The Nightmare during Hot Docs, I think one of the reasons I enjoyed the film so much was that I watched it in a theatre. In fact, I will be re-watching the film theatrically tomorrow.

Also, I generally just dig films with this type of subject matter.