Mamo 426: Origin Stories


Quentin Tarantino being an idiot! Hulk turning up in Thor! Pan sucking! (Or did it?) All this and more on the latest episode of Mamo.

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Matthew Fabb

Also despite a dislike for politics from the Matthew’s of MAMO, I encourage everyone to get out to vote tomorrow!

In the 2011 election, only 38.8% eligible aged 18–24 turned up to vote and only 45.1% of people aged 25-34 voted. Meanwhile at the other side of the spectrum ages 65–74 voted at a rate of 75.1%. Basically, the older generation end up with a lot bigger voice when it comes to elections which is why all the political parties end up pandering to seniors a lot. If a younger age group voted in larger numbers, then political parties would pay more attention to them!

This Canadian election is likely going to result in a minority government. Which means the political parties will have to work together to get bills passed. So every seat in parliament is going to count and a lot of ridings look to have really close races. In the 2011 election, there was a riding in Etobicoke where the MP won their seat with just 26 votes! In 1993, there was a riding in Edmonton that was won with just 12 votes! Going far back to 1896, a riding in York East won with just 1 single vote.

So get out and vote tomorrow!


John Oliver was spot on with his Canadian political rant:
The problem with minority governments is that they usually don’t stay that way very long (with a few exceptions). It’s pretty rare that parties will cooperate to get bills passed without quid pro quo going on. Having said all that, looks like we dodged a bullet last night :). Here’s hoping yet again to a new incumbent prime minister committing to at least some of the original promises made.

Rick Vance

The problem with Superhero movies moving away from Origin stories is for American Superheroes the most important point of the character is always the origin and many are not much beyond the origin.

It is part of the reason we see them so constantly, all the power is in that story because it is the change from one state to another that sticks with the characters