Mamo 425: New Country For Old Men


Marvel’s rescheduling of Black Panther and Captain Marvel has one Matt calling shenanigans and the other Matt preaching patience on the subject of diversity in mass media. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised which. Mamo assemble!

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Philip Poirot

I think CONTEXT is very important for Black Panther and Captain Marvel date change. Sure Summer 4th of July holiday 2018 sounds like a great date BUT in context it’s not. July 6th, 2018 is sandwiched in between AVENGERS 3 (May 4th), SPIDERMAN Reboot(July 20th), Aquaman (July 27th). Also two weeks after JURASSIC WORLD SEQUEL!! Ant-Man and The Wasp can have moderate repeat success in that date.

Then why not March, 2018? “The Flash” (March 23,2018). So FEB 16, 2018 is a FANTASTIC Date for Black Panther’s prospect. Not to mention counter-programming to Fifty Shades III (Feb 09, 2018). BLACK PANTHER potentially can slow Flash down even before arrival. It can potentially be “THE MOVIE OF THE SPRING.” In summer – no way.

ALSO what if BLACK PANTHER plays an IMPORTANT ROLE in AVENGERS 3 and they needed this character well established before that??

And about Captain Marvel’s November date — it is replaced by UNTITLED DISNEY FAIRY-TALE (Nov 2, 2018). DISNEY PRIME needs their dates too. Can’t be all Marvel all the time. And this Disney title is most likely MULAN Live Action. If that is the case, you’d be arguing why the 1st Female Asian hero gets precedence over a(not really) first White Female Super hero? I don’t know. I can’t go there. 🙂

MC Nedelsky

Just a thought on that MCU observation, it made Emily Blunt even MORE perfect for Captain Marvel. It’s also totally plausible that Captain Marvel, The Collector, and Thanos could meet up.

MC Nedelsky

That was just such a phenomenal discussion. I thought I was going to chime in the comments with my thoughts but I think non-cynical Matt captured pretty much everything I think, especially on his double or nothing rejoinder. But I thought you were both phenomenal. It felt like two halves of myself debating. Some small things:

– CAPTAIN Marvel, not Ms. Marvel
– TV is more progressive in part because it is less of a financial risk, so tends to be less conservative (particularly I think in the past 20 years or so – there have been times I would dispute your “in our home” theory when it has been more conservative for that reason).
– I don’t think Ant-Man and Wasp is really about making the first female superhero paired with a man, it’s more a continuation of the Ant-Man story.
– 100% agree with the commentator above, but small correction: the 2018 Spider-Man movie is the animated film, not the live action reboot.
– I doubt that Black Panther needs to be set up before Infinity War. I mean, that’s what it was scheduled before Spider-Man, but I’d guess that it’s totally about Wakanda, and Infinity War Pt. 1 takes place in space.
– In contrast, I expect Captain Marvel will be *central* to Infinity War – in fact I expect that is when we are likely to have the character introduced (unless she’s somehow in Civil War, unbeknowst to us). Having that closer to Part 2’s release – and framed as a central part of that overall epic narrative – will be good.
– I think the point around expectations and media narratives is important. Does it show less confidence? Maybe. But I think it’s more about giving it an opportunity to make a huge splash, which would have been unlikely in either of the previously crowded spots. Keep in mind that both Age of Ultron and Ant-Man were framed as mild disappointments. If that’s the standard they are being held to, Captain Marvel and Black Panther would almost *certainly* fail. Instead, they can be breakout films. And as Scott Mendelson said, President’ Day weekend (when BP comes out) tends to do very well.

Again, great, great stuff.



I’d nitpick how they made Lego Friends, and how they’d handled things in the last several years regarding marketing Lego for boys and girls, but I see no reason why we can’t have things that are blatantly intended for boys or girls so long as we don’t ignore the in-between or “other” anything as an outlier or lesser, making things ‘exclusively’ for boys or girls. For some people Lego Friends might narrow the options for girls as “theirs” and enforce gender roles. But it may just be another brand for a company with so much licensing. No reason someone can’t have their Lego Friends as well as the City sets or Batman sets. But if a girl chooses Lego Friends as “theirs” and only wants to play with that, I don’t think that person should be looked down upon for enjoying their “gendered” brand, as if its inherently lesser for being so. Like what you like. If someone thinks you can’t grow up to be a strong woman or a feminist or whatever because you enjoy traditionally feminine things, as if you must choose Fury Road over The Notebook, fuck em.

It’s not what you think or what you like, it’s how you like it, how you think, and how you treat people who don’t agree with you. I’ve worked with conservative bigots who were still somehow kinder to others than people I know whose beliefs line up with mine and are up to speed with all the latest social justice concepts. If people were generally kinder to those who don’t agree with them, or attempt to stack dogma onto everything, I think there’d be less people who are scared to call themselves ‘feminists’ or ‘atheists’ when they fit the definition, and more importantly, less threats or attempts to ban inconvenient/scary people or ideas.

I’m sure there’s a squeaky wheel argument to counter that, harsher words provoking action, etc, but even though I’ve failed at living up to that ideal, I just don’t find life to be any better by judging other peoples’ hearts by any checklist. And most of the time when I’ve been angry at others for failing, it’s because I’m to some degree projecting something I don’t like about myself or fear about myself.


Happy to see that my request of SUPERZERO doing TANK GIRL has made it across the bar, however it got there!