Cinecast Episode 413 – Playing the Black Keys

While many in the media and social media are spinning it otherwise, Matt Damon is Science Jesus. Who else better than to charm the pants off of Andrew and Kurt but Science Jesus, really? Ridley Scott’s The Martian is a straightforward crowd-pleaser to be sure, but there is a wisp of metaphor still to be had in the Wadi Rum valley.

October is here and the boys have decided to hit up a different first-run (ish) horror movie each week in the Cinecast for the month. This week is an Iranian black and white, vampire film shot in California mimicking Jim Jarmusch: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

The Watch List offers balcksploitation, blood and guts in the Star Wars franchise, trailers as deconstructionist/reconstructions art, journeys to the centre of the earth, and the case for Jason Bateman getting an Oscar nomination this year.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!






The Martian spoilers ends @46:50
See comments for more time track listings – thanks to Ultimolee for the extra elbow grease!



The Martian
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night



Foxy Brown
Jackie Brown
Previews of Coming Attractions (KinoBlender Vol.1)

Return of the Jedi (Despecialized)
The Core
The Gift



Get Your Cast to Mars (Bonus Episode)
Star Wars Despecialized (explanation | torrent link)
Let’s Scare Matthew Price (Pulse)



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Nat Almirall

On the Tarantino POVs, isn’t the shot of Marcellus Wallace walking in front of the car POV? And the first shot of Willis is Wallace’s POV, right? And I think Chris Walken’s speech is young Bruce’s POV; there’s one of Marvin’s POV in the car; all the trunk shots are POV, from an inanimate object albeit, and the final shot of Inglourious Basterds.

And I’m not sure what’s so great about Keaton in Jackie Brown, either. It’s like he really, really wants to play the bad cop but his partner won’t let him, so every chance he gets he tries to force this tough guy/suave dude persona. My favorite delivery of his is when he’s describing the shopping bag, “And there’s a picture of a really good-looking woman on it,” which is not at all clear from the actual image, so it’s like he’s making himself to call attention to it.

Kurt Halfyard

You are correct in all of these. I should have been more clear. I wasn’t considering ‘static camera placement’ as a thing in these shots. In DePalma’s POV shots, the subject is walking around and talking. In all of those above, the subject is silent and the camera is still, so it looks far more like a ‘regular camera angle’ and not so ‘weird and calling attention to itself.’

Keaton is playing the young and dumb and full of cum type of ‘white collar’ cop. He’s great at it, it’s all on screen. And I think Michael Bowen (his partner) is the family man, but slightly more sleazy…

Nat Almirall

That makes sense — isn’t there a moving POV when Butch approaches the bathroom after shooting it up?

Kurt Halfyard

It’s been years since I saw Pulp Fiction, but I should take a look.


Opening: 00:46
The Martian [SPOILERS] 06:46
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night 46:53
The Watch List: 1:08:32
Next Week: 2:21:48
End: 2:40:04

Andrew James

NPR Science Friday had a nice discussion this week about the science in “The Martian.” It’s a fun listen:

Also, here’s one from a while back with Andy Weir: