Mamo 423: Conscious Uncoupling


The summer of 2015 is over! We declare a winner in the Row Three summer box office contest, and then have a look back at the season’s top ten and what they might mean, or not mean, about the audience’s relationship to the movies.

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You guys should buy some Disney Stock.

Matthew Fabb

If anyone is looking for the Google spreadsheet of the entries it can be found here.

To my surprise, I’m currently in the #1 slot. However, I don’t think I was when TIFF ended as per the rules. As I was looking at the listings a week before it ended and it was a race between Colin The Dude and Darwin.

I think it was the last few million that Mission Impossible made this past weekend that knocked Colin down and put me into the lead. It’s amazing how much of a long tail that movie had with such small drops.

Also the mentioned Inside Out vs Minions, just look at the weekly drops. Inside Out had it’s biggest drop on the 4th week, when Minions actually came out, dropping 44%. All the other drops for Inside out were in the 30’s or under. Minions had drops in the 50’s it’s first 2 weeks. Basically, the 2nd week for Inside Out was $83 million compared Minions’ 2nd week of $73 million.

Also I know you guys didn’t like Jurassic World, I haven’t seen it, but I still see it getting a lot of praise from people for whatever reason. Even people seeing it multiple times, they liked it so much. Still the movie definitely got momentum getting people who don’t often see movies to see it.

As for how everyone did in this contest, Colin has 94 point, but give him another 5 points that he lost from Mission Impossible and that brings him up to 99 points. Now without looking up all the scores for previous years, if my memory is correct, I think in general the winner as well as the top contenders usually end in the 100’s. Basically what I’m saying is that I think this year I don’t think have had the success as previous years.

Courtney Small

In regards to Universal, it seems that the studio is aware they cannot replicate the surprise success they had this year on an annual basis. According to a person I was chatting with at a wedding this past weekend, who works for the company, the studio is already prepping 2017 to be their next big year. That is when most of the sequels to this year’s breakout hits (Furious 8, Pitch Perfect, Jurassic Park, Fifty Shades) are set to come out.

Matthew Price

completely forgot 50 shades – yeesh what a year

Kurt Halfyard

Universal did take a couple of financial knocks with BLACK HAT and TED 2, (and presumably, with the forthcoming JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS.)

Matthew Price

Blackhat yes, total bomb. Ted 2 took $215 million worldwide, how much could that have possibly cost? Hardly a financial knock, just not as big as I expected it to be.

Rick Vance

As a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise I will say that the narrative and characters are definitely part of it. Just as anything that has made it to 7 movies will end up growing on you.

That song from the end of the movie always succeeds at making me feel sad now too.

Andrew James

Very much this.

There’s also the fact that Minions just plain and simply sucked.

colin the dude

I haven’t heard the whole podcast yet, but when I heard my name, I was stunned! I’ve been a fan of you guys for a few years now so I thought now was my chance to play. But with the myriad of entries, I assumed I stood no chance. I had Ted 2 in there, Tomorrowland doing over $200M and Jurassic World doing less than half what it did. I guess my saving grace was being the sole dude putting NWA in there. So how does this blu-ray situation work, Matt’s? I’m very intrigued.

Philip Poirot

Congratulations, Colin. Well done.