Friday One Sheet: The Lobster, Expectations And Screenshots

As posters made from just using a still from the film, this Italian one for New Greek Weird film is pretty good. It teases expectations to a ‘non-conventional’ love story, that are perhaps misleading after one has seen said film, but are intriguing enough to get butts in seats; which is the purpose of a movie-poster after all. The design, I believe, is going by the assumption that anyone looking at the it already knows the film is about people that go to a ‘dating’ hotel with the consequence of being transformed into an animal if they fail to find a suitable mate. It puts the films stars, Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz, front and centre standing over a corpse, she in a raincoat, he in a suit, which underscores the oddity.

I like how they’ve squeezed the acting-credits into the crown-wainscoting of the hotel decor, and I like how the rich blue carpet, host to a possible corpse, catches the eye.