Get Your Cast to Mars – Episode 1: Stranded In The 21st Century

Get Your Cast To Mars is a three part micro-podcast focusing on the planet Mars. In anticipation of Ridley Scott’s blockbuster spectacle The Martian, join Matthew Brown and Kurt Halfyard as they consider the red planet as an image, an idea, and a somewhat rare place visited in the cinema of the past 100 years.

In PART 1, we look at how Mars fares on screen in first decade and a half of 21st century back until 1997. This is the period of time after the Sojourner/Pathfinder probes landed on the planet, and drove around looking at rocks and soil. In these films, Mars is represented on screen as a place people go to get stranded and the mysteries on the planet provide personal awakenings or enlightenment.

Viewing Syllabus: Last Days On Mars (2013) John Carter (2012), Watchmen (2009), Stranded (2001), Mission to Mars (2000), Red Planet (2000). [And for those who are extra keen: The Mars Underground (2007).]

All three episodes are available for streaming right now (see table of contents below) or in the RowThree podcast feed to send to whatever device you prefer:

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The complete adventures of Matt and Kurt’s trip to Mars:




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Matthew Price

well this was terrific

Rick Vance

As much as I will always hate that terrible adaptation of a very great comic it is always great hearing people talk about it (there is a laundry list of things it does that are not in the comic and vice versa).

The best use / adaptation of John Carter related things outside of the original books is another Alan Moore related project, the second volume of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the way Moore does in that work smashes time together in the land of fiction so that Carter is witness to the H.G. Wells aliens take off from Mars. That if you are at all a fan of fiction is worth a read all the way through.

Rick Vance

I agree on the Arnold front.

He is great in Predator, Terminator, T2 and Conan, works in Recall and I could take a pass on him every where else.


Awesome. I have a full-featured audio trip to Mars ahead of me this weekend. Rekall, Rekaaaaall, Rekaaaaaaaaall! Interested to finally checkout Mars Underground.

And in case any Canadians are interested, Best Buy now has pre-orders ready for the Total Recall Mondo Steelbook.

Andrew James

So nice job guys. Fast paced and interesting.

First of all, I vaguely remember talking about Stranded on one of the Cinecasts some time ago (though I can’t find it now). It is so incredibly horrible, words can hardly describe… though I’ll try: “Some of the shittiest acting I’ve ever seen by recognizable stars. The plot is beyond preposterous and the script has some truly unbelievable exchanges. This is space porn. And by “porn” I mean terrible in every sense of craft imaginable.”

As for Mission to Mars, we’re on different planets when it comes to that score. I’ll give Matt the final shot with the Disney chimes as Jim launches into the ether, but otherwise, that score is what totally makes the movie for me. Plus Van Halen of course. And no one mentioned that the computer voice gets slower and more “pixelated” as the oxygen goes down. As if the amount of oxygen in the cabin affects the computer’s ability to verbalize. preposterous, but also pretty effective way of getting across the dire situation.

And on the Cheadle not being crazy right away. I agree with Kurt on this one. It was one of the many complaints I had about Interstellar. When they get back to the ship and the guy has been alone for 23 years just waiting… I don’t think they give that guy enough scene time after Hathaway et al return.

That is all for now. Excellent show guys. Off to rewatch Mission to Mars right now. 🙂


Yeah I caught Stranded on Netflix a long time ago. It’s mostly a piece of shit although Vincent Gallo isn’t bad in it. Most of the actors look like they’re reading off a teleprompter. I do recall one really cool moment related to the Martian ruins found towards the end though.
If nothing else I now plan on checking out Aelita. The concept seems amazing and I don’t know how I skipped this film either (Episode 3).
Also, NASA just announced evidence of flowing water on the surface of Mars.

Robert Reineke

I know that film was the mandate of the podcast but I would be interested in reading if either of the two of you had thoughts on The Martian Chronicles from television.


I was so close to adding this to the syllabus, but I balked at the last minute for run-time. I’ve never seen it.

Matt Brown

Based on this week’s news I’m also fairly disappointed we didn’t do “The Waters of Mars,” the Doctor Who TV movie from a few years ago.