I, Claudius Podcast [Episode V: Some Justice]


Curtus and Natticus heap praise upon Nursey while Claudius can’t think of a reason to condemn incest.


Kurt Halfyard and Nat Almirall don their togas, raise their wine cups, and ogle the dancing girls to bring you this special microcast on the classic 1976 television series I, Claudius. Travel back to Ancient Rome and witness the tumultuous lives of the Caesars — the billowing reign of the great Augustus; the stark perversities of Tiberius; the wanton cruelty of Caligula; and the trials of Claudius.

The series is regarded as one of the finest television has ever produced, and, nearly forty years after airing, remains as influential and innovative, shocking and witty as ever. Countless shows such as “Game of Thrones” owe it a massive debt, as do the many actors whose careers it either launched or propelled, among them Derek Jacobi, John Hurt, Patrick Stewart, John Rhys-Davies, Brian Blessed, Sian Phillips, and many more.

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