I, Claudius Podcast [Episode II: Waiting in the Wings]


Curtus and Natticus pontificate on Brian Blessed’s defiance of physical laws and Livia’s wandering hands.


Kurt Halfyard and Nat Almirall don their togas, raise their wine cups, and ogle the dancing girls to bring you this special microcast on the classic 1976 television series I, Claudius. Travel back to Ancient Rome and witness the tumultuous lives of the Caesars — the billowing reign of the great Augustus; the stark perversities of Tiberius; the wanton cruelty of Caligula; and the trials of Claudius.

The series is regarded as one of the finest television has ever produced, and, nearly forty years after airing, remains as influential and innovative, shocking and witty as ever. Countless shows such as “Game of Thrones” owe it a massive debt, as do the many actors whose careers it either launched or propelled, among them Derek Jacobi, John Hurt, Patrick Stewart, John Rhys-Davies, Brian Blessed, Sian Phillips, and many more.

All twelve episodes are available now for streaming (see table of contents below) or in the RowThree podcast feed to send to whatever listening device you prefer:


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S. Awan

Hey guys, wanted to congratulate you on a great podcast and thank you for doing it. I typed in ‘I Claudius podcast’ to Google, expecting not to find anything at all – and instead found you guys had not only produced a high quality podcast, but had done so for every episode of the series! Just listened to the first one and it was fabulous – going to check out the second one now.
I absolutely adore ‘I, Claudius’. I also wanted to just throw a thought out to you for a potential podcast episode you guys could do if you were interested: specifically, based on the rumours that HBO might follow up ROME with a new version of I, Claudius – do you guys think that would work, and if they did do it, what would you want the series to be like and would it be a radical departure from the 1976 series or something along very similar lines?
All the best; and thanks for the podcast.