burnt-posterJust ask Jon Favreau: being a chef isn’t easy, but making a movie on the subject matter in the 2010s sure make for compelling viewing. Bradley Cooper loves it too; the heat, the pressure… the violence? Yes, try to open a kitchen in the world today and people will be out to kill you. Seems believable enough.

John Wells made one of the worst and most loathsome films in 2010 with The Company Men. Then he made a pretty angry, loathsome film with August: Osage County in 2012. Now he’s headed to the kitchen to make a pretty angry intense version of the culinary scene.

I guess I’m in.

Also, heart the sound effect during the closing credits of the trailer. Nice touch!


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I’ve always been drawn to kitchen culture, probably since I spent seven years working in a restaurant (I imagine an alternative universe me is slicing and dicing as a chef in some Michelin-rated restaurant somewhere).

I’m definitely down with this. It definitely seems to take some inspiration from Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential (of which, interestingly, a failed TV adaptation starred Bradley Cooper). Chef was fucking GREAT and this looks so tonally different, I think the two might work to be a great double-feature.