Mamo 418: Mamo Nation


Insert the Lalo Schifrin theme here, as Mamo goes back-to-back and examines all things Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Rebecca Ferguson, and Mr. Tom Cruise!

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Matthew Fabb

Mmmmmm… listening to this episode on my way home Tuesday evening before dinner, I really wish I could have some pancakes.

Apparently the director was asked about why Paula Patton, the female lead wasn’t brought back for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and she apparently wasn’t available. Looking at her credits, it looks like she had a role in Legendary’s Warcraft movie that had a bit of overlap with the filming of Rogue Nation.

Also as far as the Mission Impossible movies never making much money, I looked it up and the last one, Ghost Protocol made $694 million world wide with a budget of $145 million. On BoxOfficeMojo that’s the 77th top grossing moving in front of hits such as The Hunger Games, the original Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones to name a few. So not exactly burning up the top of the charts like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter but definitely quite profitable. It’s only if you look at the domestic box office that they seem like they aren’t making much money.

The original Mission: Impossible made $457 million world wide (budget $80 million) and the second one made $546 world wide (budget $125 million). It’s basically only the third one that really faltered pulling in just $397 world wide (budget $150 million).


Paula Patton wasn’t brought back because she was woeful in Ghost Protocol, her running which was the worst since Maggie Grace in Taken was more than enough on it’s own.