Mamo 416: Amy Schumamo


What’s the state of the romantic comedy? Is this genre a trainwreck? Alia Miller from Super Zero and What She’s Having joins us to discuss all things Schumer, Apatow, and lady parts.

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Sean Kelly

If IMDB is correct, Amy Schumer wrote the script for TRAINWRECK with Judd Apatow in mind to direct, so she to catered the script to attract him to the project.

That said, Apatow also encouraged improv between takes.

Philip Poirot

I’m trying to guess the title of the next Mamo 417. I hope it’s one of the following or something similar –
* Mamo Nation
* It’s a high speed Mamo – and you just had to get the 4×4
* Hey, join the Mamo and see the world….on a monitor….in a closet !
* Mamo’s Ticket to Vienna Opera
* You know how to find Mamo
* The Syndicate is real and they know who Mamo are
* This maybe Mamo’s last Mission Impossible, let’s make it count. (Sure hope not)
* This isn’t Mamo difficult, it’s Mamo impossible
* Should you Choose to accept Mamo
* The Secretary will disavow any knowledge of Mamo
* This Mamo episode will self destruct in 44 min.
* Kittridge, you’ve never seen Mamo very upset.
* Job314@Mamo (that’s an obscure one)