Trailer: Steve Jobs


This morning, the trailer for Danny Boyle’s sequel to the 2013 instant classic Jobs (starring Ashton Kutcher) hit the web. Apparently, Boyle couldn’t convince Kutcher to reprise his role for the sequel–which adds Steve to the title–so he settled for Michael Fassbender.

And yeah, it looks cool, I suppose. It’s tough to portray such a recognizable public figure, because the Fass doesn’t really look like Jobs, even if he has the speech and mannerisms down. Still, that’s not necessarily important in crafting a good film, if everything else comes together.

The trailer is solid and certainly takes plenty of creative liberties with Jobs’s life, as expected with Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle involved. Steve Jobs drops into theaters on October 9, 2015.

What do you think of the trailer? Chime in below!

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Andrew James

I’m sure this is 90% horse shit. But who cares? As a movie, it looks to be Danny Boyle back in top form and with Sorkin scripting the thing and Fassbender acting the thing… damn!

Matthew Fabb

Maybe I’ll just wait this Steve Jobs movie out and wait for the next Steve Jobs movie.
…Or the one after that.
…Or after that one.

Or just go back and rewatch Pirates of Silicon Valley. 🙂

Apparently, the film is shot in three different formats for each time period segment– 16 mm, 35 mm, and digital. I am stoke.