Cinecast Episode 398 – Crying in the Darkness and Licking the Floor

Outside of the lengthy “Game of Thrones” discussion this week (which covers the last two episodes), we manage to stay pretty spoiler free, despite a main review for part of the 2015 western resurgence in Slow West. Also, Andrew hits the theater for the latest Cameron Crowe joint from Hawaii and the Brian Wilson / Beach Boys biopic, Love & Mercy. On the “television” front, Netflix and Kurt hangout for about 12 hours in the compelling mess that is “Sense8” and Andrew finds enough commuting time to follow-up with Adnan and friends in the “Undisclosed” podcast. It’s a jam packed show full of fire and Australia; yes all of it (copyright Mark Kermode).

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!



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See comments for time track listings – thanks to Ultimolee for the elbow grease!



Slow West



Season 5, Episodes 8 & 9
Music provided by Clayton Morgan



– “Sense8”
Down By Law
Picnic at Hanging Rock
Michael Clayton

Love & Mercy
Man From Earth
“Undisclosed” podcast



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Ultimo Lee

The Ball Sweat and Vasectomy Edition

In-house business: 00:40
Slow West 9:24
Game of Thrones Episodes 8 & 9 [SPOILERS] 31:00
The Watch List: 1:43:00
Next Week: 3:19:11
End: 3:21:28

Andrew James

“The Ball Sweat and Vasectomy Edition”



Up to episode 3 of Undisclosed and while I like it, I can’t help thinking of our infamous Catfish thread and the minutiae that it reached. I know so fucking much about this Jan 13th day it’s insane. I’m fascinated by it but still this is getting obsessive procedural now.

Andrew James

I can sort of see that distinction, but I equate this more to Paradise Lost than Catfish. In the end, Catfish was just good drama that was sort of made up and none of it really mattered. This is so much more visceral as it is real and a (innocent) guy’s freedom is at stake. Undisclosed is just putting the pieces together a little bit better than Serial did.

I guess it is a bit OC, but the facts are facts and details can often times be important and affect other details (grass under the car).


For those of you unfamiliar with our infamous, weird, meta, disturbing Catfish post, be prepared to waste hours and hours of your day:



I thought we removed it, but I guess we just stopped further comments.

and Andrew I was referring to the behavior on the thread of Catfish, not the movie. The conversations of Hae’s video, the clock on the wall behind her, how it was edited, that all reminds me of stuff combed over in the Catfish thread during the Golden Age of Row Three.


Couple things.

1) Hardhome is totally in the books it is just much like the earlier battles in the TV series happens off page and Jon doesn’t go himself he sends someone to go rescue people and it goes TERRIBLY.

2) I think putting the Shireen scene before the Mereen scene makes a lot of sense because I think the juxtaposition of Burning someone alive that we like leaves the correct air of the monstrous on the show when people we do not like share the same fate (there are still a bunch of people left Drogon doesn’t clear house that much), and the look on Tyrion’s face during and while Dany takes to the skies is one of both wonder and terror of the power and wanton destruction that these Dragons unleash.


Just heard the Jay episode of Undisclosed… that bit about the police interview is awesome, I love shit like that.

Sean Kelly

I watched the first episode of Sense 8 yesterday. It wasn’t until the final five minutes when things got remotely interesting.

Kurt Halfyard

The show puts its genre elements second to its ‘hanging out’ and ‘lost flash-back’ character building elements.


Slow West came out in the UK yesterday, impressive but it didn’t wow me. Even better was the new 4K release of The Third Man is being shown as well, so seeing that straight after on the big screen in a small 60 seat cinema was wonderful.

David Brook

God I love The Third Man. I hope one of the cinemas near me picks it up.