Mamo 409: The Loudest Mamo Ever


From inside the eye of a hurricane of screaming, recalcitrant youths, old and grumpy Mamo gathers to discuss their favourite subject: what’s going wrong with the movies these days. Weaponized anticipation! Mega-franchises-as-movies-as-TV! The death of cinema itself! Tune in and try to follow along.

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Matthew Fabb

Having just recently become a parent, it is definitely strange to see movies a good month or so after they have come out, rather than opening weekend. I have no problem in avoiding trailers and avoiding pieces talking about movie, but still things seep through. Like Avengers 2, I couldn’t help hear about how people were upset about Black Widow and her romance with Bruce Banner. Lots of additional stuff piling up that I rather not be there when I see the movie for the first time.

By the way as a long time fan, I appreciate you guys bringing up spoiler warnings when going deep into plots of movies. As going forward, at least for the next year or so, I’m likely going to be quite behind on seeing movies.

Also in talking about these mega franchise movies that you haven’t addressed (Matthew Price was out of the country and perhaps missed the news), is the announcement of Avengers 3 & 4 being shot entirely for IMAX using a new digital IMAX camera. A number of movies over the years have done bits and pieces but Marvel is going all out shooting the whole movie for IMAX. As I find it interesting in basically creating a way of seeing a movie that you basically cannot reproduce at home, that the home version will be slightly cut down. Unless they every put together that full frame shot on a blue-ray, which would look horrible on today’s widescreen tvs.

Also Matt Brown talks about Marvel having independent one-shot movies in the phase 3. Looks like Marvel might go that way, but I think Marvel is going to pull in everyone and the kitchen sink into the Avengers Infinity War movies. Even if just a cameos, I wouldn’t be surprised if even Daredevil makes a little appearance. As that is how they managed to sell so many comics of these event comics before they got tiring, bring in all the characters together so that all the fans of all these different series would pick up those issues.


sometimes the episodes with no specific plan are the best ones. Nailed the biggest problem with blockbuster season for me these last few years.

Kurt Halfyard

For Matt’s #TEAMFURYROAD addiction, there is an occult thriller starring Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult called DARK PLACES opening soon. (Bonus: adapted from Gone Girl author, Gillian Flynn)

Sean Kelly

As someone on a fixed income, who can barely afford to see films once in theatres, the whole “have to see a film multiple times to properly grasp it” thing really befuddles me.

I very rarely go to see a film I’ve already watched in theatres. Usually it’s something I saw only in screener form or for free at a film festival (there was actually one case I rewatched a film I saw at a test screening).

Of course, everyone has there own prerogative to see films as many times as they would like.

However, one point that this episode really gets on the money is the problem with pre-release think pieces (I follow IndieWire on Facebook and I found they are pretty bad at doing that). I don’t really want to know what everybody else thinks about a movie days before I do, since I don’t want those opinions to effect the ways I watch a film.

In the case of JURASSIC WORLD, I’ve been hearing everything from “it’s actually quite good” to “it’s a bad movie about why movies are bad.” I’m not seeing the film until tomorrow afternoon, but I have to admit that this is one of the films I’m most excited to see this summer.