Mondays Suck Less in The Third Row

Check out these links:
Mark Kermode on Jaws @ 40.
The Most Egregious Acting Oscar-Snubs of the Past 10 Years
Errol Morris on Typography and Truth
For Fans of the Plot of Serial, The Undisclosed Podcast
The World’s Largest Shipyard?

Re-live 1980s Cheese with Green Screen and Vector Graphics and Hitler: Kung Fury

The Cinematography Strategy of Fast-Cutting on Fury Road

Wes Anderson Parody Trailers are a Dime-a-Dozen. The editing is strong in this one.

Shia LaBeouf cautions against living in a van down by the river

The Unauthorized Biography of Vincent Price

Josh Olson on the Life & Times of Judge Roy Bean

In praise of The Chairs in Cinema

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Sean Kelly

I actually got to see Kung Fury theatrically on Thursday night and I had a very fun time. It’s also funny to think that my very short write-up of the film is currently my post popular post.

Markus Krenn

“Monday sucks less..” Halfyard Edition.
The editorial choices are notable.
No offense, but i like Andrew’s version more. It’s the occasional Junk Food in a culinariy Movie World.
Kurt is still aiming for high end food.
Informative, digestible, but takes a little bit of the ‘sloppy’ fun out of this column. That said, i’d rather take this than a sucky monday.
But hey, Kurt, man you gotta let loose.
Embrace your inner cheesy side.