Trailer: Baahubali

If you managed to catch the gonzo science-fiction romantic comedy slash revenge picture (musical), Eega from the Telugu speaking region of India, you might be wondering how does one follow up a movie about sentient housefly who tries to assassinate his romantic rival to win the pretty artist girl.

The answer that question can be found in the trailer for Baahubali: The Beginning. Namely, to make a Ridley Scott sized epic that is equal parts Game of Throne and Battle of Red Cliff. Yes the acting and special effects here often veer into silliness (note the raging bull), but the filmmaker has a way of mixing his sense of humour and over-the-top indulgences in a very self deprecating way. How this plays out in the sword and sandal epic he has crafted remains a mystery, but expect Telugu cinema to come out of the tiny cult circles in North America, and into some kind of light with this big-production design epic, that judging from “The Beginning” subtitle, is one of many from director S.S. Rajamouli.

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La Menthe

Wow, really?

Andrew James

Tarsem meets Zak Snyder.


Thanks for interest in Baahubali. Its a very serious fantasy drama with over the top action promised ( That’s how we Indians like it 😛 ) A new trailer has been released. Its the most expensive production in Indian film industry USD 27.5M. SS Rajamouli tried his best to achieve a good VFX quality in this limited budget. And, loved your Eega review. Hope you can enjoy more Indian movies.