Mamo 408: Memeable Gifs


After a turbulent couple of weeks in the social wars, Mamo convenes to ask: does online culture lead to groupthink? Can connected societies actually make things better? And what public blunder will eventually bring us down?

Toronto’s crop tops, the #FHRITP response, and Peter Howell vs. Tom Hardy vs. The Internet are contemplated in detail as we get to the middle of it, Mamo-style.

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I had heard that Bronson’s “Consentual Rape” song title was meant to be an oxymoron rather than a horrible view, but lyrically it’s not really clear to me if that is so given some of the other stuff in that song. But yes, it’s kind of a Trevor Noah situation of that being old material. I don’t know his new material.

Regardless, I have no problem with us having higher standards for public concerts given the crowd that shows up for NXNE there. But unquestionably, the banning of Action Bronson is hypocritical given some of the past performers. There is a rap showcase there every year, and quite frankly, a number of those performers have something you can find a problem with. Iggy Pop’s “Cock in my Pocket” was not given any trouble when he played NXNE either.

But as I said on Facebook, when I was a teen they were banning Barenaked Ladies from playing public events because of their name. The other NXNE Yonge/Dundas headliner is The New Pornographers, who also played a free show at CNE bandshell a few years ago, and nobody cares or cared. Which makes you wonder if we’ve actually come a ways, or if we really are so selective in our outrage.

Matthew Fabb

The band “The New Pornographers” apparently take their name from televangelist Jimmy Swaggart who once refereed to rock music as “the new pornography”. Nothing from what I’ve heard of their music is offensive or misogyny (the band is known for often mixing male & female harmonies).

As Matthew Price pointed out Action Bronson has played Yonge Dundas Square before, but what I think this time was different is that he was the headliner on Sunday night. That puts some spotlight the acts who fill those spots and I’m guessing what happened is someone didn’t recognize the name Action Bronson and looked up his songs on YouTube or elsewhere. That a song title like “Consentual Rape” stood out and looking into him where offended that he was playing a free outdoor show in the middle of Toronto.

I’m definitely of the opinion that someone like Action Bronson shouldn’t be banned from Toronto, but there is a difference from banning to saying free public all-ages shows happening in the middle of the downtown core should have a certain standard.

Some have pointed out that the group “Ty Dolla $ign” is also playing Sunday night and has some misogynistic lyrics. However, since that group didn’t have the headlining act, it seems more like they flew under the radar.

So it looks like not just previous years, but even this year there are some groups with lyrics that are quite questionable. However, I’m going to guess that going forward, that NXNE organizers are going be a bit more careful who they put for the free shows at Yonge & Dundas Square. Some might think this is a chilling effect on free speech, but once again at the other venues this isn’t an issue, it’s only an issue for shows at Yonge & Dundas Square.

Rick Vance

So speaking of both tumblr and fury road and specifically the issues that you guys brought up that was brought up about it.

A nice bit of writing about the race issues at play in the movie positively


The bulk of this MAMO! has articulated what my last two weeks on the internet has been . The ‘outrage machine’ of the internet is so abrasive, that even though I often agree with the sentiment, it is starting to make my skin crawl.

Nuance and discussion are dying a slow death to echo chambers and witch hunts. It’s getting ugly out there, and yea I’m starting to feel that self censorship is starting to become necessary for survival.


It’s pretty clear that the internet encourages circle jerk groupthink, the irony is the same people will deride Fox News and the people who take that sort of viewpoint, without realising they are being just as reactionary just in a different way.

Thankfully I know that the internet and real life are two different things, so I don’t take too seriously what “internet liberals” have to say.

I would class myself as liberal as well btw.


Interesting article:

I was watching a Simpsons season 18 episode (yeah, I know) where Flanders is just watching TV on videotape for hours a day to find something to complain about to the FCC.

That guy still exists. He’s still working analog. The other side of the political horseshoe is growing and is equally puritan, but working digital, so shows a more immediate, newsworthy, and eventually, more backlash-inevitable effect.

Help us when the right wing catches up with technology. I’ll go off the grid.