Cinecast Episode 397 – No Compass

The episode in which we fix some major audio problems plaguing the show for months of which you have no knowledge, so probably not even worth mentioning in the opening sentence to this week’s show notes but I just did anyway. With glitches fixed, our own Corey Pierce (aka Goon) helps Kurt and Andrew wrap our head around why we collectively really enjoyed Tomorrowland but scratch our heads at why no one else did. Westeros is constantly in turmoil but there seems to be some semblance of artfulness to the direction of the show this week and we parse out this “almost got rapey” episode scene by gratifying scene. Lastly, though Corey unfortunately must bail out, Andrew and Kurt press on into very well charted waters with a Steven Soderbergh double bill and some Master and Commander. Andrew checks in with Robert Redford “when he was young” as well as two animated films of the past decade. One went from mediocre to amazing and the other could be amazing but just ends up being mediocre. It’s quite the ride in this old fashioned show with lengthy rants as well as some brief tangents.

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Tomorrowland spoilers end @58:00
Game of Thrones spoilers end @1:38:23
See comments for more time track listings – thanks to Ultimolee for the extra elbow grease!






Season 5, Episode 7
Music provided by Alejandro González



The Informant!
Burying the Ex
Master & Commander
Guardians of the Galaxy

The Incredibles
Three Days of the Condor
Book of Life



“Satanic Panic” – featuring an article by Kurt Halfyard
Soundtrack of Your Life
Scare Matthew Price to Death
Amputee discusses Mad Max and Furiosa



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I thought this weeks GOT episode was the first enjoyable episode this season, if quite predictable. Not at all draggy or repetitive and nicely paced.

That’s an interesting point about the direction Kurt. I noticed the cutting in Castle Black but then the rest of the direction didn’t draw attention to itself.

I generally think it’s the writing that makes or breaks an episode but maybe the direction played a part this time. Jonathan Pryce’s acting certainly did.

My speculation is that the battle for the north will be such a balls up it’ll let the white walkers get inside the wall and that the Tyrion / dragon lady combo will destroy the white walkers with the dragons.

The Informant is a favourite Sodeberg film of mine. Matt Damon was really hilarious at the end.

Rick Vance

Sometimes a dumb question is just a dumb question.


Amen, brother.

Ultimo Lee

In-house business: 00:29
Tomorrowland [SPOILERS] 9:57
Game of Thrones Episode 7 [SPOILERS] 58:22
The Watch List: 1:41:03
Next Week: 3:09:22
End: 3:18:48

Nat Almirall

That kid from Master and Commander later showed up in Rome as…wait for it…Augustus!


Dang! I miss ROME, I was hoping it would dovetail right into I, Claudius before HBO cancelled it.


The strange part about talking of Game of Thrones now even that they are past the book in where characters are they aren’t necessarily past the book in terms of events. Everything to do with Daenerys opening the fighting pits happens before Tyrion / Jorah and the rest of their much larger party even arrive at the walls of the city (which has only happened in preview chapters for the forthcoming book).

So they didn’t speed through her stuff as much as they accelerated the pace at which Tyrion and Jorah arrive there in comparison. It is amazing how much they can change and remix the book while still having so many balls in the air of possible plot points still from the book.

Also for clarification Myrcella is the 2nd oldest and Tommen is the youngest, also it should be noted that she was sent away by Tyrion when he was hand of the King also know as the Season in which Blackwater happened also known as season 2, a lot of stuff and it has been a while from her perspective.


Hey Kurt, San Andreas has your new girl Alexandra Dadarrio as the damsel in distress. I’d see it!


Give me Carla Gugino over her any day


Well as far as San Andreas goes, you can have both, Patrick!


I’ll give M n C another go but it’s the coffee table version of mosquito Coast, in same way Kurt bags the transgressive pearl jam he also misses out on that on display in weirs most watchable film..

If I win mamo contest can I get Kurt the sheeple in disguise to go vegan for a year? Haha I will wait for tomorroland, doubt as good as a film by ovo vegetarian Mr George miller who I used to see weekly.walking his dog when I used to live in St kilda.


Oh, I’m a massive fan of Mosquito Coast, it’s magnificent. It’s about something utterly different than M&C though. Weir does like his water though…

Andrew James

Both M&C and MosCoast are films I was not a huge fan of after seeing initially. But after a rewatch (years later), I’m a massive fan of both. I can sort of see the connection, but I don’t believe one is the coffee table version of another; I think they’re both amazing for what they do individually.

But if we must go there, I think Mast & Com is more rewatchable than Mos Coast – though that doesn’t necessarily mean one is “better” than the other.


The show has only gone past book readers in certain regards, like Tyrion joining up with Daenerys, which is a good decision. Most of the other stuff is still unfolding pretty much like in the book so we can still lord it over non book readers =D

Also, I would not read too much into the signals the show is giving you in terms of where it’s going. As we’ve seen many times now, this show doesn’t follow the traditional ways.

Mark Stevens

Extremely happy to find myself on the same side of the fence as Kurt and Andrew (and Goon) about TOMORROWLAND. There is just no accounting for the tastes of the U.S. filmgoing public (and the critics.) I’m recommending this one to whomever I can.

It’s admittedly a film for one with a taste for 50’s science fiction
in a strange kind of way. Not the monster stuff, but the more visionary kind of sci-fi.

Sean Kelly

Ashley Greene is probably best known for the TWILIGHT films.

Also, the first film I know Anton Yelchin from is ALPHA DOG way back in 2006 (he’s the guy Emile Hirsch kidnaps).