Cinecast Episode 390 – The Wicker Man Principle

The plan is to have a new show every day this week. Wine, women and song tend to get in the way of our plans quite often but that’s the plan. For today’s episode, Kurt and Andrew sit down face to face and administer The Turing Test to Ex Machina (spoilers!) over a couple of pints. It’s up to you to determine if we pass or not. We kick things off with a brief conversation about the latest Star Wars trailer so that Andrew can further confuse himself and listeners as he tries to clarify things. Later this week will be a massive Watch List, Game of Thrones recaps and a Festival Episode.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!





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Ex Machina spoilers ******Ex Machina spoilers ******Ex Machina spoilers ******Ex Machina spoilers ******Ex Machina spoilers ******Ex Machina spoilers ******

I didn’t hear Close Encounters in the soundtrack but when Caleb comes in, the song that is playing is sooooo close to Jurassic Park theme music (the whole being dropped in an exotic locale to meet an eccentric man with a secret compraison).

Disagree with the praise about how it ended. The last couple of minutes did nothing, such a waste of ending on the best beat of the movie. When Ava fully clothed comes around the corner and Caleb is pounding on the window to get her attention, and she pauses looks at him and walks into the elevator, and you have a close-up side-sweep of the elevator door, just the slightest smile curling, bam, that’s the end of the movie! That’s the whole story summed up in two shots. Everything else is to be expected and takes a way from the brutal reality of the story to make it into some fairytale happy ending.


listening to score online and now I totally hear Close Encounters in track called 8 Skins

Kurt Halfyard

You’re welcome.