Mamo 403: It’s Worth The Drive To Ebertfest, Part 2 – Moving Midway


Food-stuffed and lusty, Mamo reports on their second day at the Roger Ebert Film Festival 2015, with discussion of representation and mythology in cinema by way of Thursday’s “Challenging Stigma Through the Arts” panel, and Godfrey Cheshire’s excellent documentary, Moving Midway. Plus, our recommendation for local Mexican!

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Sean Kelly

I found the EbertFest trailer online (Matt Brown’s clip is at about the 0:42 mark):

Jandy Hardesty

Thanks for reporting on the Challenging Stigma panel – that sounds really interesting, and like there were a lot of good thoughts in it. I think as someone frustrated by wanting more diverse representation myself, one of the frustrations is not just that it moves slowly – there are lots of reasons that it does, many of them institutional and not easily changed without burning down the whole system and starting over – but that there’s so much vocal and angry pushback against even the idea of it.

As I was starting to write this comment, I happened to wonder if the panel had been recorded, and it turns out it was. Putting on my to-watch list in the near future (as well as Moving Midway, which sounds fascinating).