Friday One Sheet: Advertising is a Climb

A simple, if text-heavy poster for Sundance dramedy, Results emphasizes the fitness aspect of the film (two of the characters are personal trainers, the other one, a bit of a schlub) through the only photographic elements. The rest is text. Is that to imply the film is perhaps smarter? Or lower key than your usual Rom-Com? Maybe. This seems to fit similarly with the trailer, which doesn’t over promise, but doesn’t exactly scream ‘tasteless and crass’ which, alas, the romantic comedy genre seems to have devolved (at least the studio entries) in the past few years.

The advertising may not immediately sell the movie, or even tell you exactly what it is, but it’s inviting enough to look a little closer. The tagline, “They’re going to feel it in the morning” implies both the work out, as well as love triangle.