Mamo 402: It’s Worth The Drive To Ebertfest, Part 1 – Goodbye To Language


It’s a Mamo walk-and-talk, live on the streets of Champaign Illinois! We’ve returned to the Roger Ebert Film Festival for the third time, and take the opportunity to roundly question the validity of Jean-Luc Godard’s Goodbye To Language. We’ll report in a few more times over the next couple days as we work our way through this year’s program. Plus, recommendations for pie!

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Kevin McCandless

I think a lot of people like Breathless because it’s partly about an American in Paris. I know that’s really, really shallow but for me, the allure of being an expat in the early 1960s is quite a powerful one (…and yes, I’ve seriously considered buying a New York Herald Tribune t-shirt.)