After the Hype #91 – Battle of the Bonds



This week Bryan and Jon are joined by Graham to discuss which Bond reigns supreme. Is it DIE ANOTHER DAY (Bryan’s choice), FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (Jon’s choice), or GOLDENEYE (Graham’s choice)?

Does Daniel Craig have what it takes to oust Sean Connery as THE BEST BOND? Did Bryan, Jon, and Graham pick from too small a sample size? Is this all an excuse to gush over some really fun films? Will they do another Battle of the Bonds later?

God, just listen to the episode already.




The part of the show where we catch up with what everyone is doing. Why did we title it that way? REASONS.

BRYANFurious 7
JONWrestling Isn’t Wrestling
GRAHAMMarco Polo




In this section we take a few minutes each to defend our choice for Bond Film and why it should win.





Where we make our cast for best Bond – in this sample size, at least!

SEAN CONNERY – One vote!



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David Brook

I haven’t listened to this yet, but did Bryan really pick Die Another Day as an option for the best Bond film? Surely pretty much everyone agrees it’s the worst Bond movie of all time?

Being a big Bond fan, I’ll listen to this as soon as I can to hear his argument 🙂

Jandy Hardesty

I totally should’ve gone on this one to stump for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.


When your sample size contains 2 of the Brosnan films, then yes it was too small! 🙂
Most of the zany gadgets and special effects didn’t even bother me in Die Another Day (except the horrid CGI tidal wave scene). To me, the biggest offense was that the film didn’t know what direction to go in. It’s a mishmash of ridiculous camp and darkly serious tone, foreign political terrorism with a cartoonish villain subplot. There’s probably a good story buried somewhere in it though. Also the Madonna cameo was basically a waste (other than a cheap setting to reveal Rosamund Pike’s face-turn later) but she still outacted “Oscar winner” and Catwoman star Halle Berry, I think.

Jonathan Hardesty

We bring up the small sample size in the episode and even hint that this is more of an excuse to discuss some bond films we really enjoyed. Probably going to do this again and go with completely different films. 🙂

David Brook

After listening to the episode I actually think Bryan does a good job of convincing people of Die Another Day’s merits, although it’s still one of my least favourites. What surprised me though is how complimentary he was of its qualities as pure camp, ridiculous fun but then the Roger Moore films were totally rejected throughout the whole episode. I think the Roger Moore years had some good films amongst the clunkers. He wasn’t the Bond that Connery was, but the films were very entertaining. For Your Eyes Only was the first film to seriously consider Bond’s old age and past too, way before Daniel Craig got in on the action.

I really enjoyed the podcast though guys even if I was desperate to butt in as I totally disagreed with you all! I’m very old fashioned and adore the Connery Bonds. Although I’m a similar age to you guys and the first Bond film I saw at the cinema was Goldeneye, I’d already spent the previous few years watching the old Bond movies on TV so Brosnan doesn’t feel like ‘my Bond’ like he probably should. I liked him, even if his films were hit and miss, but it’s all about Connery for me. Goldfinger is probably my favourite, although I think From Russia With Love is one of the classiest of the films and that’s up there. I’ve read the book (as well as several others from the series) and you’re right that the book fleshes the story out a lot more successfully (Bond doesn’t appear until half way through – the first half is spent with the two Russian agents sent to take him down), but I think as a self-contained spy thriller, it’s a great film. After being initially a little disappointed in Skyfall, a rewatch made it rise in the ranks and I’d say that’s up there with the best (I really enjoy the Home Alone ending!). Goldeneye is awesome though, although I haven’t seen it for well over a decade.

I think my opinions of what the general consensus is on Bond seems to be incorrect though. Rotten Tomatoes (which I take to be a good marker of general consensus even if it shouldn’t be used as a ‘seal of quality’ by any means) posted a list of all the Bond films in order of their rating system and the results are not what I’d expect at all:

As for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, I think it had the potential to be the best Bond film, but Lazenby prevented it from reaching that height. The music, the action scenes, the very dark emotional turns it takes are all the Bond series at the top of its game, but with such a weak lead it all falls apart a bit. It’s still very good though and is worth checking out.

Matt Brown

Good god. Die Another Day??!


From Russia to Love was always my favorite and Connery will always be my Bond… but I’ll be damned if Casino Royale and Craig don’t give ’em the run for the money.

Bryan Dressel

I always look at these too late. But hey, I think I did a good job defending Die Another Day, thanks David. To your point David, I agree that Moore has some good movies, I just dislike his “Bond” so much that movies always take a hit for me.