Super Ticket Episode 5 – No More Funerals

Listen up woman! Shit’s about to get real. We’re not letting some snot-nosed Limey who thinks he runs the world get under the skin of this podcast. No sir, we’re calling in the cavalry. Mamo & Cinecast unite to dislodge any notion y’all got about taints or GPS parachutes. Cars do fly in this universe and damned we’ll be if any sum bitch, especially Jason Statham, is gonna take that away from us. We gots NOS in our brain and petrol in the veins, so sit down, have a tuna sandwich and chill with us. You can have any beer you like; as long as it’s a Corona. This is the Super Ticket, brah! And we’re talking Furious 7. Recognize.

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Opening Crawl: 00:00
Welcome/Roll Call: 00:39
Furious 7 (SPOILERS!): 2:18 – 58:33
Outro music: 55:40 – 59:28







Matt Gamble | Where the Long Tail Ends
Kurt Halfyard | Twitch Film
Matt Brown | Super Zero,
Andrew James | Film Junk Fast/Furious Premium, Cinema Axis
Matt Price | Let’s Scare Matthew Price to Death,


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Sean Kelly

Shameless plug time.

A few weeks ago I binge-watched the entire FAST & FURIOUS franchise, all so I can write a retrospective post for Toronto Film Scene, which went up on Monday –

I specifically made note of the domestic grosses for the films, with the first three following the law of diminishing returns (the third made only like $65 million), before they started climbing again.

I also reviewed FURIOUS 7 for TFS, which I’ll say right now is my favourite of the franchise –


So the last person I thought I was going to disagree with was Andrew but here we are. Having enjoyed all the movies (4 the least) up until now and having greatly enjoyed seeing both 6 and 7 in the theater I will strongly disagree that the cast is “in on the joke” or in that case even treating it like a joke. I don’t think the specific brand of melodrama and soap-operatics works if the cast is going in not fully committed to what is happened and are winking the entire time.

I do agree that I would be perfectly happy after the ending of that one to never see another one and that Wan is a step down from Lin (can’t wait for True Detective Season 2 to see where his direction has gone).

I generally find the no they are all being ironic or doing it for a laugh as a strange statement because generally it is people trying to distance their real enjoyment of something they would typically not enjoy and pass that off as it has to be laughing at itself and not any other inherent quality of the work in question.

I guess it is also just nice to not have science fiction in big action blockbusters for one single goddamn time over the course of the year, just gears, cars, guns, wrenches and heart. I can dig it.

(I am also still shocked that Gamble doesn’t enjoy this as someone who watches WWE this is basically that just on a different stage.)

Courtney Small

How about doing a Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Super Ticket? Tom Cruise and crew seem to be channeling their inner Fast and Furious based on the trailers (e.g. outlandish stunts, fighting a team just like them ala Furious 6, etc). Plus, the MI series got a shot in the arm with Ghost Protocol so it will be interesting to see if they can successfully build on the momentum with the fifth film (similar to how the FF series took off with Fast Five). Just a suggestion.