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Andrew James

I’ve come to completely loathe April Fool’s Day. At least on the internet. If anything was funny or clever, I might be on board. But as it stands now it’s just a bunch of stupid headlines that, rather than make me smile, usually just piss me off that I wasted my time trying to decide if they’re real or not. Some of them are obvious, but others are very plausible and interesting news mentions – then I find out later they’re not true. I have to basically not look at the news on April 1st, because it is potentially all lies. A family’s house burned down yesterday because rescue teams (and parents) thought it was an April Fool’s “joke.”

I have to say though, allowing Pac-Man to munch down my street in Google Maps was worth it. 🙂


I’ve never really been a fan of pranks or that sort of humor at the expense of others anyway, so I’ve never particularly liked April Fool’s Day. I especially hate April Fool’s Day on the internet and in the movie blog world.