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Every Female Character in Every Disney/Pixar Animated Movie From the Past Decade Basically Has the Same Face


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Nat Almirall

The Disney princesses all having the same look is part of a larger problem:


I don’t drink regular beer anymore but I always find it embarrassing when I’m called out for drinking other spirits, cider, or harder liquor while a compatriot settles back and enjoys a generic (and debatablely cold) can of Budweiser. Interesting that Bud Light is considered the defacto in the States (I’m Canadian) as I prefer Bud Light Lime to any other Budweiser product. Definitely agree with Presidente beer being everywhere in Dominican Republic though (when I was briefly there).

Markus Krenn

The beer chart is faulty.
The beer displayed as the german favorite is just the lowest priced one, so everyone (people who live on the streets or people with no income) who can’t afford a ‘real’ beer will buy it.
Therefor i asume the chart is composed by sales numbers.
If you ask 100 germans about their favorite beer, not even two will answer with the displayed one.


It says BEST SELLING, not favourite!

Markus Krenn

Haven’t read the fine print. The title said MOST POPULAR which for me means favorite


I definitely interpreted “popular” to mean “best-selling.” In terms of flavor, I’d imagine something like Sam Adams Boston Lager would have a widespread appeal if they ranked “favorite” in America, but maybe I’m giving Americans too much credit. People like their beer watered down here, although there’s an insane amount of growth in the craft beer market these past few years (i.e. people rejecting the awful beers pushed on us in Super Bowl commercials).

But man, Bud Light tastes like piss. Even when I was poor and in college, we drank Miller Lite, which was slightly less piss tasting. Being a Pennsylvanian though, Yuengling in my king of cheap, piss-tasting brews.

Kurt Halfyard

Always read the fine print.


Always be mindful of clickbait conventions. The Title seldom ever accurately describes the content. It’s all about what will draw the most viewers. 😉