Cinecast Episode 385 – The Way of all Flesh


There are a lot of rookies out there. The Cinecast ain’t one of them. We’ve seen this before. We’ve seen that before. And we’ve also seen this. And somehow, despite everything discussed today basically being re-hashes of things that have come before, we’re retain the capacity to be impressed, inspired, encouraged and offer kindness. Andrew and Kurt consider the immediate future of the Cinecast as well as the long term future and then in the spirit of re-hashing old things, bitch about pre-show cinema commercials for old time sake. If you put a dollar (or more) in our PayPal, we’ll send you a copy of the show sans the commercial bitching. In The Watch List this week: classic Dr. Who, children being burned alive, whistle blowers, Wes Anderson plot holes and Zach Braff screwing college girls. It’s all here glorious audio format if you only can believe… in a little magic.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!





Cinderella NO SPOILERS!
’71 SPOILERS @58:20 to @1:14:18

See comments for more time track listings – thanks to Ultimolee for the extra elbow grease!



– Kurt Guest-Appearance Let’s Scare Matthew Price To Death!



McFarland, USA



The Grand Budapest Hotel
Citizen Four

ABCs of Death 2
The Last Kiss
– “Classic Doctor Who” (Genesis of the Daleks, The Two Doctors, Mark of The Rani, Trial of a Timelord)



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Andrew and Kurt– When it comes to Ireland, one needs to remember that Ireland was conquered by the Brits. Ireland was primarily Catholic and Celtic, while the Brits were mostly Protestants and were more ethnically mixed (i.e., Celtic, Norman, and etc). While in control of the Brits, the Irish were treated as second class citizens. Some say that the Brits committed genocide in Ireland. Many Brits, especially Scots, moved to Ireland. When Ireland gained independence, there was a divided between these two groups.

Sean Kelly

My dad’s family is from the Northern part of the Republic of Ireland (as opposed to the British-controlled Northern Ireland), but he was born and raised in Paisley, Scotland (which is just outside of Glasgow).

Being Canadian, I don’t think too much about the cultural divide, but I do remember one of my Irish cousins once asking me if I was a Catholic or a Protestant.

The divide even extends to soccer teams. Glasgow has the rival teams of Celtic FC (with an Irish Catholic fanbase) and Rangers (with a Scottish protestant fanbase). My family supports the former.


In-house business: 00:32
Cinderella 15:03
’71 [SPOILERS] 58:15
McFarland, USA 1:14:18
The Watch List: 1:24:15
Next Week: 2:20:09
End: 2:25:36
Of all the names Kurt mispronounces Derek Jacobi is always the one that gets me laughing 😀
Should sound more like this

Given my family history on my mums side (all Irish Catholics), the IRA’s biggest bombing in England blowing my home city to bites and my Grandmother almost being killed twice by them (even though she was a staunch supporter of them) i should probably have something to say about 71′ but i still haven’t watched it :/


Awesome! I had no idea.


And it is doubtful that I will change at this point….


’71 was filmed in the Northern town of Blackburn (around 30 miles from Manchester). How bad is it for the locals when the place you live in can be substituted for war torn Belfast in the early 70’s 🙂

It does seem like it’s getting a far bigger release in North America than in the UK, I’m pretty sure it only played in a few art house type cinemas here.

David Brook

I thought it got a fairly generous release. It popped up in cinemas in my neck of the woods (Lincoln) and cinemas are thin on the ground around here. I must admit I didn’t see it though – it came out when there was a lot to see and it managed to pass me by. I’ve heard great things though.

Robert Reineke

Kurt is right about I, Claudius.

Sean Kelly

Despite Kurt’s dislike, I’m fully willing to give 88 a watch. The film will apparently be receiving a theatrical release in Canada around May.

The film is from the same guys who made Dead Before Dawn 3D a couple years ago, which also co-starred Christopher Lloyd.