Pixels. More Dangerous than Think. [Trailer]

…And people are saying it looks terrible? Ok, yes it’s an Adam Sandler joint. Yes, that is Kevin James. Yes, Peter Dinklage. Sandler’s current run of film outings have been pretty miserable. But still. If it gets as ridiculous and over the top and as dumb as it looks, it could be the very thing that makes it one of the best popcorn munching films of the year.

Give me a power pellet and a sledge hammer. I’m in.

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David Brook

I love the visual aspects from the trailer, so as a spectacle it might be worth a watch, but otherwise it looks pretty bad. Funnily enough they were shooting a sequence for this just outside my hotel room when I visited Toronto last summer (and met up with Kurt), so I’m probably going to see it just to try and spot the hotel 🙂

Kurt Halfyard

Your Hotel Area (Yonge&Wellington) is in the trailer, but it is a reverse angle so you cannot see the Hotel Frontage…

The bulk of other shots in the trailer is along University Avenue, a very common shooting location for big Hollywood productions shot in Toronto.

David Brook

Cool. I did think some of the streets looked familiar in the trailer. You guys living in Toronto are probably quite bored with it showing up in big Hollywood movies, but a Yorkshireman like myself finds it quite exciting to have been there during production – although they were shooting during ungodly hours which was a bit annoying 🙂


I get the sense that this is somewhat of a parody of Transformer-Godzilla-Aliens/Monsters-destroy-the-city type flicks? Or am I giving it too much credit?

Rick Vance

Futurama did an episode of this and it was 22 minutes long funny and didn’t overstay its welcome.

Corey Pierce

So much downtown Toronto spotting.