Let’s Scare Matthew Price To Death!

Our friends over at The Modern Superior Podcast network are hosting side projects from both of the Mamo! Matt’s. Matt Brown’s SuperZero focuses on all things super hero. Matt Price on the other hand, is asking a number of podcasting pals to recommend horror films to him for Let’s Scare Matthew Price To Death.

Mr. Price was generous enough to let me participate in the second episode of the show, which went online today. The movie, as indicated by the picture above is Kim Jee-Woon’s remarkable haunted house slash familial meltdown horror, A Tale Of Two SistersHop on over there and give it a listen.

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Matt Gamble

Not that I don’t like the movies, but man, two softballs thrown up to Price to kick off this project. Do you like the guy or something? I’ve been doing this to Angela for years and now she’s so shell-shocked by what I’ve given her she has a pretty extensive list of questions I must answer before she allows me to throw in a horror movie for her to watch. I mean, if Price isn’t pissed as hell at you afterwards where’s the fun?

In related news, I’m a horrible husband.

Matthew Price

Hey, the mandate is clear. I will say that in an upcoming episode I was made to watch something I’m still having trouble shaking off. I don’t know how my guest got that footage of you kissing that rhesus monkey, Matt, and I don’t want to know.

Robert Reineke

That’s not news Matt.


Did not know that the Uninvited (which I’m assuming is far inferior to this) was the remake. Still quite familiar with Kim Jee-Woon’s work though. His semi-recent I Saw The Devil will be forever etched in my memory.