Mamo #398: What Number Is This?


Mamo! It’s Ladyghostbusters vs. Dudeghostbusters, and Cinematic Universes vs. I dunno, just making a movie one at a time or something. Plus, we get into our relationship.

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Jeff Baker

Glad you mentioned Albert Maysles passing.
The Maysles brothers were also responsible for the seminal documentary/concert film “Gimme Shelter”.
BTW: The Dylan doc “Don’t Look Back” was by D.A. Pennebaker.

Kurt Halfyard

Psst. IN the early days of the MOVIE CLUB PODCAST, we did GIMME SHELTER.


Thanks Matts for yet another worthy podcast, like always. If that sounds condescending, it’s not meant to be. As for your question at the end of this podcast as to how listeners interact with MAMO, for me it’s just about listening in the morning every week or so to each of your ponderings and thoughts on whatever your talking about. Your show is like a seed helping to raise the plant of thoughts on all things cinema related. I’m very grateful for the conversation to be continuing, but have zero interest in commenting about it on twitter or facebook, excluding this current comment that is. For me, whenever I feel the need to interact with you guys I just shout, laugh, or shake my head at the computer. Thanks for the 398 food for thought episodes, and I urge you to keep it going, even if the one Matt decides to drop out. The fact is I’m certain that even a voice from someone who has been so submerged in the film scene who has than been pulled out of it will still have something interesting to add to the never ending conversation of film. What I’m saying is, keep podcasting, people are listening, even if most of them don’t comment, such as myself, again obviously not including this first comment that I made on this site. Thanks guys.


Its odd to me that Ghostbusters is the straw that broke the Camel’s back in terms of studio products that we don’t need. I get the argument that Marvel relies on a back history of comics. (Personally I question how much of that 50 years is actually good storytelling. Pockets of excellence here and there. But in another sense monthly comics are just like yearly franchised movies. Putting out product to sell, not because its particularly inspired.). But pumping out 2-4 Marvel films per year seems excessive and uninspired. I’m not thrilled with Ghostbusters either, but it really seems like their doing what everyone else is doing. I don’t see a huge difference between Disney Marvel and Sony Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters is unproven. But both companies Franchise IPs until you run them into the ground.

I do think Disney is the best in the business at managing prolonged
IP exposure. Almost all of their classic movies are set to get new life with live action counterparts.

Kurt Halfyard

When I wrote, “Another day, another chosen-one hero journey.” in regards to Tomorrowland, it more taps into my exhaustion with just HOW MANY Blockbusters are released in any given year. And not just HERO-JOURNEY, but the distinction of Chosen-Hero as in “You Are The One Who Will Bring Balance to the xxxx.” My impression is that there was a wider-spread of hollywood ‘stuff’ 50 years ago that these spectacle adventure hero-journeys were not so much of the big release pie-chart. Kind of the onus of Price ‘walking away’