Mamo #397: CLAIRE.


Buckle up! Mamo does a crash course in House of Cardsology before pivoting hard into Fifty Shades of Grey, sexual fantasy, and the death of Leonard Nimoy. Only on this show, could those things all happen in 45 minutes. Plus, we welcome Let’s Scare Matthew Price to Death to the world of podcasting!

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You’re certainly watching HoC right if you are focusing on Claire Underwood — who in my mind is the most compelling character in the show. I’ve not seen Season3, but I hope it puts MORE focus on her, rather than LESS (which I notice Season 2 did a bit).

Sean Kelly

Binge-watching shows is not something that appeals to me. Unless I am sick, I am usually unable to make it through more that 2-3 episodes at a time before I start getting really antsy (and/or get very bad headaches).

This is probably why I started watching MANY shows on Netflix (including HOUSE OF CARDS) and have actually finished very few.

Marina Antunes

On your fantasy converstaion, I think you guys nailed something others seem to have failed to note: the slow death of the soap. I completely agree that they no longer fill the void. I used to love watching Y&R but haven’t managed to catch an episode in years. Once in a while, I just want to fill the time with the mindless adventures and back stabbing. The other thing I miss: Sunday made-for-tv movies. Where have those gone?!


I’m nearly through season 3 of HOC and I like it as much, if not more than the previous two. I found that they were juggling too many storylines with characters that shouldn’t be the focus of the show.

Petrov is far more interesting, even as a caricature “villan” than what came before.

Kurt Halfyard

I dunno, It’s hard to get more ‘caricature’ than Vladimir Putin in real life, posing shirtless on horseback.

Nevertheless, HoC never aims at the complexity or scale of real life, it tries to boil down things to a kind of fantasy of real-life politics that makes for operatic TV.