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Welcome to me August 19 2013 286.NEF

I’m finally starting to figure out the appeal of Kristen Wiig and all it took was seeing her in a handful of movies where she plays the same sort of character: likeable but somewhat pathetic individuals who, none the less, manage to be less pathetic at the end than at the beginning of their journey. They’re always a little humerous and Wiig is always great but in Welcome to Me (review), Wiig elevates from great to brilliant.

Welcome to Me is uncomfortable to watch. Wiig’s Alice quite obviously suffers from mental health issues and laughing at her antics is a bit icky but the movie somehow tows the fine line between creepy and funny and I came away with a new sense of awe not only for Wiig but for the rest of the cast, particularly Wes Bentley who hasn’t been memorable in years.

I love this movie.

Welcome to Me opens May 8. Fingers crossed it finds an audience that appreciates the genius.

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I feel like an idiot for skipping this at TIFF last year. Perhaps the catalog guide didn’t sell it in a way that captured me like this trailer. Can’t wait until May!


Not your fault. The VIFF guide didn’t sell me on it either and ended up seeing it through a convoluted series of events. Glad I did!