Friday One Sheet: The Blade Runner is Still Running

In light of the strong rumour than Dennis Villeneuve is going to be the director of the long delayed sequel with a returning Harrison Ford, enjoy this handsome poster above. If we are going make another legitamite Blade Runner film (1998s Soldier doesn’t count), I cannot think of a better choice than the director of Enemy and Incendies to give it his best shot.

Here is hoping that he does NOT listen to Ridley’s whispers that Deckard is a Replicant.

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Rick Vance

Yeah your right he shouldn’t be listening to the whispering because if you watch the movie the only clear answer is that he is robot.

Robert Reineke

Is Deckard a replicant might be the least interesting question brought up by the film in its myriad forms.

Rick Vance

It adds to the bleak and overbearing nature of the world and the motives and behaviors of the police office if people who are ‘Blade Runner’ hunt without that knowledge (It also isn’t a question so I am glad we all dodged that bullet).
(I agree that it is low on the totem pole of stuff amazing about that movie but it doesn’t add nothing)


One Last thing:

“In turning dick’s novel into a film (if paul sammon’s book “future noir” is to be believed) hampton fancher wrote a line in a draft either very late in pre-production or during production in which deckard – pondering his state-sanctioned serial murder of replicants – wonders who it was that made him.

finding the poetics of that single line of dialogue utterly beguiling, ridley scott made the executive decision that it would be a cool mindfuck if rick deckard was also a replicant…

and thus, thirty years of directorial retconning of the established theme of PKD’s work was born.

for the next thirty years, ridley scott has tinkered endlessly with his film, resulting in multiple cuts – down to an official “final” cut (don’t you believe it) released tow years ago to coincide with the film’s thirtieth anniversary.

and the verdict on the “final” cut is that rick deckard is, in fact, a replicant.

but here’s the thing, when you buy the “final” cut, you also have the option of buying it with up to five other versions of the movie – in which deckard is less of a replicant depending on what time in his belief that deckard was a replicant ridley scott was at the time the cut was made!

the “final” result is that our poor, put upon rick deckard – who has to kill sentient beings for a living, and already lost a wife and an electric sheep in the translation to cinema – is the sad victim of what can only be referred to as a thoroughly phildickian identity crisis: a capricious god has brought into existence numerous versions of himself, all of them slightly different, and all of them at variable levels of proximity to the undeniable – if nonsensical within the narrative frame of the film and source material – possibility that he may, or may not, be a human being.”


In ’95, a Blade Runner sequel came out as a novel – Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human. I bought it for fifty cents with its cover ripped off at a five ‘n dime. I liked it then, although I was also ten years old–and Deckard was not a replicant in the book, which was what the movie version at the time also had.

Now, I’m firmly in the replicant camp, which I’m assuming the sequel film will also have, considering Ridley has said that it is so.

As far as a sequel goes, I love the world (it’s one of my absolute favorite movies), but I can’t really get excited for this one.

Andrew James

So I like Blade Runner quite a bit – though I seem to be in a minority of people that don’t absolutely adore it.

Next Incendies blew me away while Prisoners did very little for me and Enemy was arguably the worst movie of the year. So Villeneuve (for me) keeps going downhill.

And the final coffin nail is that I’ve pretty much resigned to the fact that Harrison Ford can’t find/make good projects anymore. He’s simply terrible in just about everything after Air Force One and it gets worse and worse as you get later into his filmography (I really hope he’s just a cameo in the new Star Wars).

So to me, a Blade Runner sequel sounds pretty unnecessary and frankly, lame. But we shall see I guess…


Yeah, Harrison’s career since ’97 has been astonishing in how much it contrasts with the rest of his career. In the 14 movies he’s starred in since Air Force One, every movie has been god-awful–except 42, which I appreciate for the moderately safe Disney-esque family-friendly story that it is. And at least in 42, it seemed like Ford was going to start taking some risks with his acting… but we haven’t see that again since.

At least in De Niro’s case, who is also having an abysmal past two decades, he has had two or three interesting movies.


I will be more excited without the inclusion of Ford.