Soundtrack Of Your Life #10: Angus

This episode will give you a boner in your stomach.

Each episode, Corey Pierce welcomes a guest onto the show who has chosen a compilation or soundtrack that speaks to a memorable era of their life. The soundtrack will play underneath and serves as a springboard to discussion about the music itself, how it works within the film, and what was going on with their life at the time of its release.

For episode 10 Corey welcomes Dan Gorman, one of the brainchilds behind the Toronto podcast network Modern Superior, where you can find him as one of the co-hosts of See You Next Wednesday and Time Bandits. Dan has chosen this series’ most obscure selection to date, 1995’s Angus, a pop-punk laden teen film about a fat 14 year old boy who turns what would be a nasty Carrie-ish prank into opportunity. Tune in as we wax about true punk vs. mall posers, fading into the background at school, VHS collecting, and find out who the Grunge Bon Jovi is.

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For anyone wondering, episode #11 (New Jack City) will be a bit late. Was hoping to have recorded by now, but some family emergencies made a push back necessary. Hopefully in a week or two.


Same. My junior high years were spent listening to a lot of Ice-T, loving NEW JACK CITY, and memorizing Paul’s Boutique.


at last we are recording tonight.


Looking forward to it!