Not At Odds #4 – Year of Positivity!



This week on NOT AT ODDS Jandy and I talk about our journey through the year of positivity and how that has shaped our consuming and critiquing of the media. We dabble in some very strange and interesting ideas, so open your mind and get ready to be positive! Side effects may include but are not limited to: enjoyment, happiness, greater self worth, more interesting blog posts, and greater critical acumen.




Craig Mazin and Positive Moviegoing on the Scriptnotes Podcast.

A Year of Positivity, Ya Jerks by me!

2014: The Year of Positivity by Jandy.

Wardrobe Theory: Vivienne From Dragon Age: Inquisition by Gita Jackson.



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Arnold Schizopolis

While watching a film, I often find myself trying to figure out the filmmaker’s vision (themes, concepts and/or thesis) and by the end, wonder if he or she was successful. That’s more challenging for me than whether the film met my expectations. Godzilla is a great example. It was one of my favorites of 2014. Gareth Edwards was clearly paying homage to Spielberg, especially Jaws and Jurassic Park. What impressed me the most about that film was that Edwards was able to successfully portray suspense, military pseudo-seriousness and boyhood wonder in each action sequence. I thought the Golden Gate Bridge set-piece was awesome. I don’t think Bay, Emmerich, Nolan or even Spielberg achieved that in their action-adventure films.

Jonathan Hardesty

Well, and comparing those films and directors in the context of the new Godzilla film is more interesting than just doling out a star rating and saying that Godzilla was either “good” or “bad.” Or at least I find that discussion more interesting.


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