Cinecast Episode 381 – Eau de Credíts

With Oscar night quickly approaching, we’re kind of on our last gasps of fresh cinema to talk about for a couple of weeks; so we enjoy this one as much as we can. Kingsman starring Colin Firth is not really what we expected, so to keep Andrew and Kurt’s experiential bias at bay, special guest, 11 year-old Willem Halfyard helps put things into perspective in a full spoiler assessment of the situation. After the boy’s bedtime, things get naughty as the grown-ups go on to talk about the Fifty Shades of Grey alternative in the much loved (and unfairly dominated) The Duke of Burgundy. Later, Kurt explores more gonzo action cinema including a triple scoop helping of Bourne and the unfairly hated (but loved around here) Domino and Book of Eli. Andrew takes the violence angle in a more classical route with John Ford’s Liberty Valance and animated rabbits killing animated rabbits. Oh and Dan Hedaya always brings the A-game… as do we.

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Kingsman spoiler ends @1:09:50



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Kingsman: The Secret Service
The Duke of Burgundy



Book of Eli
Bourne Trilogy

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (IMDb 250 Project)
What We Do in the Shadows
Watership Down



Listen to Cat’s Eyes’ The Duke of Burgundy OST



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Late, Ill, Lots of Drugs.

In-house business:1:48
Kingsman [SPOILER] 12:54
The Duke of Burgundy Review: 1:09:50
The Watch List: 1:50:40
Next Week: 3:37:18
End: 3:43:09


The Bourne books heavily feature Carlos The Jackal (especially Ultimatum), so having Edgar Ramirez in the film of the same name is a neat if unintentional bit of casting.

Arnold Schizopolis

Kurt sold me on his compelling case for the Bourne Trilogy. I love those movies individually when they were released. But like many, I thought as a trilogy it was kind of weak because of its repetition. On the surface, they made the same movie three times. On the run from the CIA, cops, etc. with each film having a foot chase, a fight scene and a car chase. So I never once considered watching the trilogy back to back to back. I always thought the first movie was always the best one because it was the original and it had more character elements. I also remembering noticing small continuity issues, especially between Supremacy and Ultimatum. That phone scene between Damon & Joan Allen at the end of Supremacy (and later replayed in Ultimatum) was clearly shot during springtime in NYC. In Ultimatum, the scene and the movie takes place during winter in NYC.

After listening to the podcast, I really look forward to revisiting the trilogy and hope to see Kurt’s insights.

Kurt Halfyard

Now if only someone could make a compelling case for #4 and the upcoming #5….

La Menthe

What’s the song in the beginning? I know it’s from A Single Man, but the album from that film does not have any tracks with singing.

Kurt Halfyard

After Colin Firth is speaking, it smoothly moves into the opening credits sequence music from The Duke of Burgundy, by a band called CATS EYE

Anthony D'Amico

I thought Brittany Murphy and her husband died due to having black mold in their home and not knowing it.

I also love the Shit out of domino and don’t get the hate