Cinecast Episode 380 – More Hovering

Party crasher on the set of the RowThree Cinecast arrives in studio in the form of one Sean Dwyer from Film Junk. More well-equipped to take the punches from Matt Gamble than anyone, it turns out to be a much more agreeable show than we anticipated – even with the latest Wachowski output being compared to Citizen Kane. That’s right, from the Ascension of the Jovian Gas Giant to the depths of Jude Law’s Russian sea we are a literal high and low podcast. Later in the Watch List, Sean and Andrew look deep into the “Black Mirror” while Matt and Kurt praise another successful editing venture of the great Louis C.K. – of course it doesn’t stop there. We have Steve McQueen, Spike Lee and “that one about the Nazis” on Amazon TV; among many other tid-bits of discussion. We’re happy and honored that Sean could finally make an appearance and happy to hear of the many upcoming moments of greatness still to come from the Film Junk crew.

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Jupiter Ascending spoiler review ends @57:40

See comments for more time track listings – thanks to Ultimolee for the extra elbow grease!



– Welcome Sean Dwyer from Film Junk
– Movie Club Podcast Episode 30 is live! (Popeye & Punch Drunk Love)



Jupiter Ascending (SPOILERS!)
Black Sea



– “Black Mirror”
– “The Man in the High Tower”

– “Black Mirror”
12 Years a Slave

Seventh Son
Louis C.K.: Live at the Comedy Store
– “The Man in the High Tower”
The Voices
What We Do in the Shadows

Louis C.K.: Live at the Comedy Store
– “Archer” (s5)
Inside Man



– Fifty Shades of Grey press tour
– The Wachowski’s Sense 8
Amazon Pilots



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In-house business: 01:03
Jupiter Ascending [SPOILER] 14:30
Black Sea: 57:40
The Watch List: 1:13:59
Next Week: 2:39:18
End: 2:44:54

On Black Sea: They did shoot the whole think in a real sub. From what i can remember Jude Law said in interviews they planned to make it Life Aquatic style (first film that popped into my head) but they then found some rich guy just happened to have an old submarine so they used that.

Jape Man

I’m a few episodes behind lol

Why am I acting like the Cinecast is “Lost”? :p

Sean Kelly

The Voices opens on one screen in Toronto this week. I’m interested in checking it out.

Arnold Schizopolis

I think Louis CK needs a professional editor actually. Even though the material itself is edited competently, I constantly notice continuity errors. The new Comedy Store special had minor ones like different people sitting in the same seats and cutting to a different angle and the microphone is in another hand. I remember the first special he offered for $5 (I think Live at the Beacon) had some really bad ones. Sweat spots on his shirt would appear and disappear. The color timing was awful. It would cut to a different angle and suddenly Louis’ skin and shirt colors were different shades. That’s just inexcusable.

Andrew James

While I think on the whole it doesn’t really matter – as long as the content is good, I totally agree with you on this point – in terms of stand-up comedian films. It’s always so jarring and noticeable when there are continuity errors when you’re just watching one guy on a stage with a single color background.

What always bugged me was the continuity problems in the audio. Always hated it when the angle would cut and the volume (or cadence, or tone) of the audience would abruptly change. Always have noticed that.

Again, doesn’t really matter, but it’s distractingly noticeable.

Arnold Schizopolis

That happened only once during The Comedy Store special. There is an audio dropout where probably 5 seconds or maybe an entire joke was cut out. It sucks, but it seems normal in every stand-up special since I could remember. It almost seems expected. Talk shows are always guilty of this.


I think it was in an interview for Louie, if I remember, where Louis CK acknowledged this sort of stuff in the editing process and he more or less shrugged it off and said it didn’t matter, even on a television show, as long as the story (or in this case, set) was good. I noticed some of it in the Comedy Store special as well as the Beacon, but it’s never really bothered me. I’m more interested in the stories being told than where his sweat marks or microphone are.


As well as Black Mirror, in the last couple of years Charlie Brooker has also written a show called A Touch Of Cloth which is very much an Airplane/Naked Gun sort of thing. It’s hit and miss but when it hits it’s hilarious.