Straight Outta Compton [Redband trailer]

An interesting way to bounce into a trailer; with a micro-doc of the real men who lived the life talking about their past and the relevance of their story today. Then it’s on to Paul Giamatti – which feels a little like disingenuous, Hollywood white-washing.

Still, it’s a well produced trailer and the actors they’ve found to portray the main talent within N.W.A. is seem quite charismatic and scary look-a-like.

Corey Hawkins … Dr. Dre
Aldis Hodge … MC Ren
O’Shea Jackson Jr. … Ice Cube
Neil Brown Jr. … Dj Yella
Jason Mitchell … Eazy-E

Is this something you kids of the 80s are excited for? Or perhaps a feature-length documentary (similar to the opening of this trailer) would paint a more interesting picture and relate it to the sad state of affairs that is present day?

full original album on Spotify…


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Rick Vance

That trailer looks pretty great and as someone who who has came around on that genre of music I am very interested in seeing it.

Also asking whether or not it should just be a doc I can see strengths in both and there should just be both.

Kurt Halfyard

All I can think of is this:


I agree we need a doc as well but I’m thrilled to see the trailer looks great.