Not At Odds #1 – The Pilot



Hello and welcome to the pilot episode of NOT AT ODDS, a podcast about the intersection of criticism and creativity! Each week Jandy and I will use our backgrounds and perspectives to discuss a singular topic, her coming at the topic as a critic and I as a creative.

This week I found an interesting twitter rant about the lengthy production cycle of the screenwriter and how judging an “in progress” work may not be the best option. Sure, you can get an idea what to expect by reading the production draft of a screenplay, but how far along in the cycle is that script and how many more cooks are yet to hop in? For comedy scripts, it’s probably going to be more than you’d expect.

Check the episode and discussion below!





Geoff Latulippe’s twitter rant (archived by GO INTO THE STORY).




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[…] It’s an embarrassment of riches podcast-wise this week as we got another new show to listen to. My critical co-conspirator, Jandy Hardesty has launched a show with her husband Jonathan where they discuss film and media from the point of view of the artist (Jonathan) and the critic (Jandy). Check out episode one of Not at Odds. […]