Friday One Sheet: The Forbidden Room

Motion posters. There are not many of them made at this point, but as cinemas switch to screens for their poster displays, I expect there to be more of them in the future. I doubt they will be as ethereal and evocative as these from Guy Maddin’s forthcoming feature, The Forbidden Room.

Dreamy vaselined lenses and putrid yellow colour palette that remind me of smoke and water damaged book covers…In a good way. There are more tucked under the seat.

The Forbidden Room is playing this week at the Sundance Film Festival.
Also: The Playlist has several tiny teasers for the film.

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Matt Gamble

The Frighteners had an awesome one back in the day. One of these days I’ll finally track one down.


Do you mean the polarized VHS box, or was it an in-cinema standee, or did they actually design a motion video thing for the web in 1996? Given where the internet was at the time (as a commercial entity it was pretty nascent and very dial up), the last option seems a little far fetched.

Matt Gamble

It was a lenticular one sheet. It was very cool, made you feel like the face was following you.

David Brook

I remember seeing that poster in theatres, it was amazing, especially at the time.


And that is what they ported over to the VHS BOX. And why yes, it is exceptionally effective, and thematically/aesthetically tied to the movie. In other words, a really really great bit of marketing.