My Movie Moments of 2014



A cobbled together list of some of my favourite moments from 2014’s films as well as older ones I saw for the first time this past year…


2014 films:

  • – The story of creation in Noah – beautifully composed as it also worked in evolution and epic timescales into the mythology of the story.
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel – every perfectly centred frame.
  • – Those final credits of 22 Jump Street – they’re funny cuz their true…
  • – Being in the same theatre with Caroll Spinney (the puppeteer of Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch) and James Randi within the same week during Hot Docs.
  • – The breathless car chase in Nightcrawler.
  • – The bracing last 10 minutes of Whiplash.
  • – The wonderful sing-a-long in A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence (more fully described here).
  • – And then followed later in the film by the gut punch…
  • – The docking scene and entry into the black hole sequence from Interstellar.

  • – Melanie Lynskey in Happy Christmas.
  • – The end discussion of the erotic novel in Happy Christmas – please tell me there are extended outtakes of that somewhere on the DVD…
  • – Alejandro Jodorowsky’s brief passionate anger about a director’s ownership of their dream of the story in Jodorowsky’s Dune.
  • Gone Girl‘s moment of realization that she once again has been trapped into playing a role and once again has to take action…
  • – The butterflies arriving with Spring in The Duke Of Burgundy.
  • – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds performing “Higgs Boson Blues” and “Jubilee Street” in the awesome music doc 20000 Days On Earth.
  • – The opening single take swooping shot in The Town That Dreaded Sundown which introduces all the major players at once.
  • – The first reading of the play with Edward Norton in Birdman where Michael Keaton’s actor actually improvises and reacts instead of sticking to the script.
  • – Both times that “Une Femme Avec Toi” plays in The New Girlfriend – both are emotional high points.
  • – The avalanche in Force Majeure and the immediate consequences.
  • – Little Groot’s dance at the end of Guardians Of The Galaxy.
  • – The opening titles of The World Of Kanako – insane and perfectly capturing the tone and pace of the film to follow.
  • – The hallucinogenic trip in They Have Escaped.
  • – Michael Keaton enters a small New York City liquor store lit up like a Christmas tree in Birdman.
  • Norte: The End Of History‘s turning point: the off screen murder.
  • The Guest dispatching some bullies.
  • – Ghostly visitors in the documentary The Darkside – subtle and effective at getting the storyteller’s experiences across.
  • – The explanation (which involves the idea of fornication with sandwiches) of why vampires prefer virgin blood in What We Do In The Shadows.
  • – Scarlett Johansson in repose in Chef.
  • – Though I didn’t like the film much, that final shot in The Immigrant is glorious. As is the entirety of Marion Cotillard’s performance.
  • – Dave Franco’s De Niro impersonation in Neighbors.
  • – The impressive car chase in The Raid 2.
  • – A royal meeting in the garden in A Little Chaos.


Older films:

  • – Light and shadow in The Uninvited.
  • – Those damn minions in Despicable Me – I just couldn’t help smiling during every scene they were in. Great comedic creations.
  • – The massive iceberg calving event towards the end of Chasing Ice. Also the time lapse photos of glaciers shrinking over a few years were remarkable.
  • – “Cool” from West Side Story – the energy, anger and frustration of youth captured in dance.
  • – A final walk on the beach in About Time.
  • Sorcerer – the unbearable tension of the rope bridge crossings of both trucks.
  • – Every bit of spittle that flies from the mouth’s of the characters of Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf.
  • – Russian Roulette in The Deer Hunter – after hearing about the scene after all these years, it was even worse than I imagined.
  • – The over-the-top-and-around-the-bend practical effects at the end of Society. Extra gooey…
  • Trouble Every Day‘s two “graphic” moments were absolutely harrowing.
  • – A drunken walk across a banquet table with a fire extinguisher in Ashes And Diamonds.
  • – The depiction of insanity and an insane asylum in the Japanese silent film A Page Of Madness.
  • This moment from the B-movie Deadly Spawn. Baffling.
  • – Meg Tilly’s shrieking accusation in Abel Ferrara’s Body Snatchers.
  • – Slim Pickens’ death scene in Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid – waiting for his life to fade away like the setting sun.
  • – The build up of tension towards the end of The Bedford Incident.
  • – Spotting all sorts of unknown-at-the-time faces in Prime Time (aka American Raspberry).
  • – Crossing water using floating pieces of wood in 36th Chamber Of Shaolin.


And Finally:

  • – Watching some of my all-time favourite films (Network, 12 Angry Men and To Kill A Mockingbird) for the first time with The Boy.
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Andrew James

I’m with you The Immigrant. Didn’t care much for the movie but man it’s gorgeous. And that final shot is damn showy!

And yes, minions rule.


The Guest. So good.

Rick Vance


Sean Kelly

The performances were definitely the best bit of 20,000 DAYS ON EARTH. I actually purchased the live version of Jubilee Street off iTunes, based on the performance in the film.