Mamo #390: A Show About Nothing


Mamo rings in the New Year with a potpourri discussion of the news of the last few weeks: Ant-Man, Sam Raimi, Steven Soderbergh, awards season, The Interview, The Hobbit, and more. Welcome to 2015!

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Rick Vance

The Marvel stuff gets funny because while the films do care more about making crowd pleasing films that adhering to decades old continuity the comics seems even more leech like attaching to the side of things that have the potential to draw so many more people into them, so where a film will change backgrounds of characters for convenience or rights, the comics will then adopt those changes usually in largely hamfisted ways to accommodate the movies.

And as hyperbolically as people took Peter Jackson’s comments I can kinda see the general point yes it is only a matter of degrees to which the Lord of the Rings franchise is the Marvel movie franchise but I guess at least in those Lord of the Rings movies I can see a stamp of their director, in the Marvel movies you are just as likely the director gets shuffled off for costing too much or wanting more say than to actually get ‘their’ movie, and in the cases you do it is either so fringe and such a long shot at inception (the one positive thing for Guardians for me as someone who has not seen it is it may lead to Marvel letting more people do their own thing) or it is so squeezed out it no longer resembles their other works.