Mamo #389: THE MAMO POWER LIST 2014


Happy New Year! Mamo does away with the year-end top ten and in its place, repurposes the Premiere Power List format to count down the top movers, shakers, influencers, and creative superpeople of the film industry for 2014. Who made their mark in the year that was, and will shape the years to come? Join us!

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As a huge fan of a bunch of Michael Bay films I don’t think he belongs. He had to make a bunch of promises to get a small thing like Pain & Gain made and he has been in the same spot for a long while.

I guess he still produces stuff but even Platinum Dunes seems at a low point for that place.

Robert Reineke

I tend to think that, to an extent, Meryl Streep belongs on the list. At least for mid-budget films. There are several I can think of that really only exist because of her.

Courtney Small

I would throw Justin Lin on the Power List. Outside of turning the Fast and the Furious series in to massive franchise, he is set to direct the Bourne sequel (with Damon & Renner), Star Trek 3, and two episodes of the upcoming second season of True Detective. Also, he is the executive producer of the hit television show Scorpion.

Rick Vance

Great call on Anita especially now in light of that Intel news holy shit.