Soundtrack Of Your Life #8: The Muppet Christmas Carol

It’s the Muppet episode! with our very special.guest star, Ariel Fisher. (YAYYYY)

Each episode, Corey Pierce welcomes a guest onto the show who has chosen a compilation or soundtrack that speaks to a memorable era of their life. The soundtrack will play underneath and serves as a springboard to discussion about the music itself, how it works within the film, and what was going on with their life at the time of its release.

For episode 8 Corey welcomes Ariel Fisher, who you’ll find contributing for many sites including right here at Row Three. Due to a time crunch, Corey picked the soundtrack for this month himself and sought a volunteer, and the result is this discussion of 1992’s The Muppet Christmas Carol. Tune in as we talk of the new era of “wrong sounding Muppets”, Christmas memories both joyful and cathartic, and finding out about Santa.

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Sean Kelly

I quite enjoy MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROL, even though its been years since I watched it.

I remember definitely noticing the difference in Kermit’s voice when the film first came out, but since I was 10 at the time, Steve Whitmire has pretty much become the definitive voice for me in the last 22 years.

In fact, Rowlf the Dog was affected more than Kermit from Jim Henson’s death. Because the character was the first Muppet to become popular (and the closest to Henson’s personality), he was outright retired for a number of years (including this film) before Bill Barretta took over the role in 1996.